“He got carried away”: Sergo from “Kakha” appreciated Khilkevich’s intrigues in the program “Survive Dubai” 13:11

In the program “Cooking Brave” with Laysan Utyasheva, actor Artem Kalaydzhyan suggested that actress Anna Khilkevich weaves intrigues in the program “Survive Dubai” to make it more interesting for viewers to watch the reality.

“Actually, Anya’s life is very good. He does this to make the series more interesting, so that everyone will think that he is a little bit like that… Khilkevich is a normal person, a good person. He just played there. He’s probably having fun. “So be it,” said Kalaydzhyan.

He explained that he didn’t feel very comfortable on set at first, as he didn’t know any of the stars in attendance. According to the blogger, he could not put himself on the same level as “successful stars”.

“You walk in, there are new people there but they are all well-known television stars, so who are you? That’s why it was difficult. Then I saw that the guys were normal. It was him,” the artist explained.

According to Kalaydzhyan, he did not even know the singer Olga Seryabkina, so he had to blush when the artist’s song started playing in the car.

The last episode of the program took place on September 10. Former football player Pavel Mamaev and actress Anna Khilkevich reached the final. According to the results of three tests, Mamaev won. In each episode, participants competed for the right to live in luxurious conditions. The losers went to survive in the desert, while the winners went to an expensive hotel.

Earlier Volya and Utyasheva left He went to Uzbekistan to shoot the sequel of the TV series “Survive Dubai”.

Source: Gazeta


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