Pimpernel, forty years of love/love

It can be argued that twenty years is nothing. But, Few would dare to deny that forty deserves a big celebration. This is what brothers Lucía and Joaquín Galán think about itAs Pimpinela, they are touring our country to celebrate their forty-year professional career with the Spanish people.

Many events took place during this time. For example, more than twenty albums released, thirty million copies sold, one hundred gold, platinum and diamond records, countless concerts and millions of followers show that after forty years, the Pimpinela formula has not exhausted itself.

It’s a pain to Work or La Chatunga, discovered by the Argentinian entertainer Luis Aguilé, to whom we are also indebted, is so recognizable and charismatic that the Galán brothers’ proposal, whose origins were to add music to the improvisations of the theater group Lucía joined, Any attempt to do something similar will always remember Pimpinela. Therefore, it is better to let it happen.

Pimpinela duo in Madrid. EFE

A special audience

Passing Marbella, Valladolid, Albacete before visiting Oviedo, Las Palmas, Tenerife, La Coruña, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Murcia. Joaquín and Lucía sold all the seats at the WiZink Center yesterdayA place that was just the Sports Palace forty years ago.

At exactly 21:00, the start time of the concert, the audience started clapping their hands to demand that the duo be there, which required some more prayers. First up would be a video to raise funds for the Pimpinela Children’s Home, the Galán brothers’ project to improve the living conditions of minors living in complex family situations. Then another screening of Pimpinela’s hits, briefly and chronologically reviewed, sung by a fully committed audience whose age range extends from Yo fue a EGB and back from there.

Although Joaquín says that the concert repertoire changed during these forty years and some songs were replaced by others to be saved later, the truth is He could perform all the B-sides and rarities of Pimpinela discographyHe said the audience could sing them from beginning to end without missing a note or confusing a single word.

Accompanied by a solid band, including a brass section, Pimpinela ran through the biggest hits of his career for two and a half hours; She gave up introductions, instrumentalists’ solos, and other virtuosity to focus on choruses. In addition to encouraging participants to sing, this solution The topics followed each other quickly, interrupted only by some anecdotes through presentation; The jokes fall between José Luis Moreno’s Matrimoniadas and the playful fights of Juanito Valderrama and Dolores Abril.and congratulatory videos from different personalities. For example, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Santiago Segura, Maluma, José Mercé, José Mota and Julio Iglesias, unlike the others, only Hey! They sent a hesitant voice recording through their translator showing that they were over forty years old. years.

She looked dazzling

Throughout the concert, Pimpinela was surrounded by a magnificent stage where good light play and projections were highlighted; some of which were old videos of the couple perfectly synchronized with their performance; this allowed, for example, to recreate the duet live. In 1985, they performed with Dyango for the song Por esa hombre. Something that could be repeated for Maradona and My dear friend unfortunately did not happen for football fans and fortunately for Euterpe’s followers.

Besides the pre-recorded duet with the Catalan, one of the highlights of the night was the song The Queen of the Night, based on the true story of the Galán family’s neighbor in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood, devoured by jealousy. , ended up killing his partner. Although, like the entire Pimpinela repertoire, it was sung as a duet by the brothers, this time it was Lucía, dressed in a kind of white shroud.She embodied the woman with such drama and intensity that it brought the entire Wizink Center to its feet and had hearts in their mouths from that moment on.

The first was for 2020: the year where time stood still, a song about the pandemic to all those who left and could not be fired, followed by an impromptu tribute to healthcare workers and all the people fighting for the public’s health. in these difficult times. The siblings then performed a song in memory of their mother, who died that fateful 2020; This was followed by a song dedicated to Lucía and Joaquín’s father and all their loved ones who are no longer here. Finally, it’s time for La Familia, a song that vindicates this institution despite its flaws and the inevitable friction between its members.

After this exciting, if not pessimistic block, the brothers faced the end of the show, but not before featuring the famous Olvídame y pega laturn, which has been part of Pablo Iglesias’ repertoire together with Cuervo ingenuo since 2015, ¿ donde This woman is this Will he get involved? and Sleep brave—, Lucía and Joaquín decided to go a little further in exploring all the possibilities of love, including those that are non-normative or socially frowned upon.

This is the case with Betrayal, which tells the story of a couple who broke up because she fell in love with her best friend, and When I Saw Him, which tells the story of a mature woman who has sexual intercourse with a much younger man. he. Although a lot has happened in these forty years, these are two examples that show that Pimpinela, the perfect duo of cis-hetero romantic love, did not remain indifferent to it and made room for it in her repertoire.

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