Sergei Lazarev was outraged by the opera master’s criticism of young artists 10:49

Singer Sergei Lazarev “Let’s all together!” He condemned it in his demonstration. Soloist of the Musical Theater named after him. KS Stanislavsky and VI Nemirovich-Danchenko to Nikolai Erokhin for criticizing the young artist.

Lazarev did not agree with the opera master’s strict assessment. He stated that with such criticisms, the aspiring singers’ mentors frustrated their desire to do something and somehow experiment with creativity.

“You want school-school-school everywhere! “You can’t do it that way! What are you doing? Do you understand what you are doing? You constantly defeat any experiment and defeat any impulse! “It is forbidden! Not from this side!” It is you who put it in a frame, a frame (a frame). Young people will not have such creativity,” said the artist.

Sergey Lazarev rose to fame in 2000 with Smash!! He won when he joined the group. He made a duet with the artist Vlad Topalov. In 2002 the team won the “New Wave” competition in Jurmala. Their first album, Freeway, was released the same year.

In 2004, Lazarev left Smash!! and began his solo career. He released his first album Don’t Be Fake in 2005. The artist is a multiple winner of the Golden Gramophone award.

Previously musician Kiselev called Gazmanov a disabled composer.

Source: Gazeta


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