Anna Tsukanova-Kott shoots a new Lindemann clip12:40

Russian director Anna Tsukanova-Kott shot a video for the leader of the Rammstein group and Lindemann’s solo project, German rocker Till Lindemann. In this respect informs Telegram channel “Dude, where are you going?” With reference to Tsukanova-Kott herself.

The channel has released the first frames from the video, which is expected to be released the other day.

One of the main roles in the video was played by Russian actress Aglaya Tarasova.

Press Release 29 August reportedIt was stated that the Berlin prosecutor’s office closed the investigation against Lindemann, who was accused of sexual harassment.

On June 14, a criminal case was opened against Lindemann in Germany – the prosecutor’s office launched an investigation under Article 177 of the German Criminal Code (“sexual assault, forced sex, rape”).

On July 24, the Rammstein frontman was again accused of violence – an Austrian girl said she refused to have sex with the musician, and then allegedly threw her on the bed and hit her on the hip several times.

Till Lindemann denied all charges.

Formerly Klava Coca saidHe talks about Luce Chebotina after an argument over a joke.

Source: Gazeta


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