Concerts of Hombres G, El Kanka, Orozco, Toundra and Lord Rochester in Alicante

Area 12 scene in Rabasa Multispace, Saturday (21.30) To the group led by David Summers, menAfter such an extensive and successful career since 1981, he will once again show why he continues to captivate audiences of all kinds. Today, forty years later, they continue to do so with hit songs just like they did in their best days. Venezia, Marta has a pacemaker anyone give me back my daughter. A musical based on their story recently premiered at Gran Vía in Madrid, they received the 2019 Gold Medal of Artistic Merit in Fine Arts, and following their latest album, Rowlan’s cornerPrepare a compilation of 40 years.


The same scene awaits you this Friday Juan Gomez (El Bro) rightfully became a real idol of Spanish music. Coming with his tour tonight (22:00) Living ThingsIt’s the name of the last album he released after taking a one-year break from the tour. Experts say El Kanka has the energy of Robe Iniesta and the precision of Jorge Drexler, but since his successful debut on this record with an unforgettable title, experts say, how bad i am and how little i complainIt went up like nougat at Christmas and managed to get 20 of her songs on the net to more than a million listeners. Alicante’s Multispace Rabasa.

Anthony Orozco David Borrat

The voice of Antonio Orozco is heard at the Alicante Bull Arena

One of the biggest names in Spanish music. Anthony Orozco put it in the field Saturday (22 hours) in Alicante. The artist debuted in 2000 with her debut album from the Catalan record label Horus. A Clock and a CandleFrom a long career in which she has achieved successes such as performing at more than 2,500 galas worldwide, selling 1.5 million records, singing unforgettable duets with Malú or Marc Anthony, winning gold, platinum or diamond records, being number 1 worldwide. Be number 1 in various countries or ram the most charismatic Sound In recent years. He is the author of beautiful songs such as Devuélveme la Vida or Entre sobras y sobras me faltas and has recently presented his latest album Aviónica in Latin America. She is now touring in Spain and is coming to Alicante tomorrow with her new single. Revolution. Alicante Bullring

Lord Rochester INFORMATION

Live music reigns once again in the Stereo Room

Stereo room scheduled double session for this day Friday (22:00) with performances by entertaining British bands Lord Rochester and the Antelopes. The first is the Scottish trio, formed in 2008 and has released several records and two CDs, embracing the simplicity of the sounds of artists such as Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry or Jimmy Reed. The rock and roll show they put on is always fun and stylish. The Wildebeests band is the perfect mix of garage, R&B and early English R’n’R. Those from the UK have already gone through Funtastic twice, which is a good enough guarantee not to miss them.


HE Saturday (22h) it’s time tondra, one of the best live bands right now, they have won the admiration of the public with several albums behind them and they have won the admiration of the public not only in Spain but also in various European countries, the United States and the best countries as their music has resonated as well. Spanish festivals. Toundra is synonymous with talent, energy and creativity. Alicante Stereo Room.

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