The music of the labyrinth wins Emerge Alicante 2022

Labyrinth Emerge Alicante, the emerging talent competition, emerged as the winner of 2022. At the Grand Final held on Saturday Seneca SpaceThe expert jury evaluated the proposal of the artist from Alicante with a unique project that tries to reveal all the emotions of the listener.

Next Saturday, May 28, at the Spring Festival, Maze will be performing and presenting the songs from her first EP. The performance, which will open on the second day of the festival, will be in Istanbul at 17.15. Alicante City & Beach scene. You can listen to Maze on his Instagram profile @mazeonism.

The other two finalist groups, Ghost Weekend and Marshol & Nasshir, they have managed to position themselves by showing that the city’s musical talent is growing rapidly and it is crucial to continue promoting local culture and music.

Emerging Alicante 2022 once again, another year, Producciones Baltimore and Alicante City Council Culture Departmente to continue promoting the city’s emerging talents.

The professional jury consisted of: noviceThe winning group of Emerge Alicante 2021; John Lopez journalist from Alicante Live Music; Begona Echevarria, cultural manager of Alicante City Council; Victoria Soler; sociocultural animator and director of Carolina Rodríguez -Producciones Baltimore.

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