Georgia, Azerbaijan and Romania accuse Eurovision Song Contest organizers of altering ratings

technical difficulties

The voices of the professional jury announced live. When it came to Azerbaijan, it was announced that due to technical problems, the results will be announced by the representative of the European Broadcasting Union, not by the TV presenter Narmin Salmanova. A similar situation has developed in many other countries, including Georgia.

In the live broadcast of the competition, England received 12 points from Azerbaijan, Italy 10, Sweden 8, Portugal 7, Ukraine 6, Spain 5, Netherlands 4, Netherlands 3 points. announced. Greece, 2 Poland and one France scored.

Right after the end of the competition, the voting results were discussed in the program “Sabaha saxlamaq”, which was broadcast live on İTV. Afterwards, Narmin Salmanova expressed that she was surprised to see the table with the voting results of Azerbaijan on the screen because it did not match the facts.

Georgian protest

According to this data On the Eurovision website, the highest jury score from Georgia – 12 points – went to Great Britain, which took second place in the competition. And Ukraine got only 6 points. At the same time, the Georgian audience gave the Kalush Orchestra the highest score – 12 points.

Georgian Public Broadcasting denied the reports that the Georgian jury, unlike the audience, gave the Ukrainian group a low score during the Eurovision 2022 voting.

According to the Novosti-Georgia portal, the Georgian Public Broadcasting Corporation’s statement said that the country’s national jury awarded the Ukrainian group the first place and the highest score with 12 points.

This is also evidenced by a notarized document sent to the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest. Now the Georgian side is “learning the details of the misunderstanding with the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest”. The site of the song contest is still showing the previous results.

The reaction of the Greek delegation

According to TVR’s report, Yuliana Marchuk, head of the Romanian delegation, said that the highest marks given by the jury members from Romania should go to Moldova, not Ukraine. Due to misrepresented assessments, Moldova did not receive a single point from Romania.

“While calculating the final score, the voting result of the Romanian jury was not taken into account, the organizers used a different set of points on behalf of our country’s jury. We clarify that the jury from Romania decided to award the maximum points to the representatives of Moldova,” he said.

The day before the European Broadcasting Union knowledgeableDuring the second dress rehearsal of the second semi-final, the six countries’ results revealed “some wrong voting patterns”, he said.

“The European Broadcasting Union takes any alleged attempt to vote in the Eurovision Song Contest very seriously and reserves the right to withdraw such votes in accordance with official voting instructions, regardless of whether such votes may affect the results.” song Contest. competition.

Zafer Kalush Orchestra

The international song contest Eurovision 2022, held in Turin on 14 May, ended with the victory of Ukraine, which scored 631 points according to the voting results of the professional jury and the audience.

Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra won the competition by performing the song “Stefania”.

England finished second with 466 votes. After the first stage, where the results were summarized, the Kalush Orchestra took only fourth place, but thanks to the votes of the audience, the group won by a wide margin.

After the performance of the composition, the soloist of the Ukrainian group made a call to support Ukraine. Political calls from the stage are prohibited according to Eurovision rules. However, the European Broadcasting Union considered it “a humanitarian gesture rather than a political one”.

The Romanian, Azerbaijani and Georgian delegations accused the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest of altering the scores. Georgia and Azerbaijan insist that they give maximum points to Ukrainian artists, but when the scores were announced, the Kalush Orchestra group did not get the necessary points from them – but still won. In Romania, they said that they did not give 12 points to the Ukraine group, that they should go to Moldova.

Source: Gazeta


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