Alcoy’s Jordi Peidro brings the Spanish war to comics

The place is not accidental, because this work is something else. according to its author, “the story of people suffering”He began by wanting to tell the story of his father’s uncle Miguel, who fought in different places on the front during the Spanish Civil War and left this very row with some of his friends who “drank two glasses” one day. wine or coffee liqueur, and this gave them strength to prepare. Two of the five people did not return,” says the author, starting with “loose anecdotes” and then adding other testimonies. “Other issues that fit the story began to emerge – international aid, repression on the one hand, repression on the one hand, aftershock protection, bombings, hunger – and the story became an ever-changing view of the conflict.”

A sketch from “The War We Lived” by Jordi Peidro INFORMATION

In this vision, Swedish-Norwegian humanitarian aid with the establishment of a hospital in Alcoy, Stanbrook marched with the last exiles Republicans from Alicante to Oran socialization of factoriesan emerging theme was ‚Äúsearching for my uncle’s battalion when my grandfather’s surname, who was not in the war but in a socialized industry, appeared to me; he was an employee and suddenly became co-owner of the metal workshop where he worked. Another thing that interested me was the little-discussed transition from private ownership to collective ownership.

Although partially set in Alcoy, it has weight but it’s not basic and the word Alcoy doesn’t appear all the way through. “It doesn’t matter because I wanted to tell a specific story that went general, This can happen in any city and at any time. And actually, The same is happening now in Eastern Europe, People fleeing the bombing in Ukraine and I have the feeling that this is unfortunately a very current story”.

Cover of “The War We Lived” by Desfiladero Ediciones INFORMATION

“In all my stories, fictional or real, I’m talking about people who are suffering, anonymous people who find themselves embroiled in conflicts that transcend. There is a saying at the beginning of the saying that wars suffer the pain of young people who kill each other because they are organized by old men who don’t know each other or hate each other but know each other and hate each other but don’t love each other. kill each other”, emphasizes Peidro sees in comics an ideal tool to tell the story “because it reaches irregular ring Because this is a lighter reading of the subject”, despite the drama, there are also moments of solidarity and even humor.

The book is complete with 12 pages extra: Two articles providing additional information on the events described, a poignant first-person account of the Civil War, a photo gallery with images of the time, and an epilogue summarizing the author’s process of creating this work.

It cost well over three years to finish The war we’re living while doing other design and illustration projects. Now, Peidro begins another four-handed novel with his friend Ximo Llorens, with whom he co-wrote The decapitated man in Harro-gate (2020 Agatha Christie Mystery & Police Novel Award) and a shorter comic book About the oil revolution in Alcoy, which will turn 150 in July 2023and she wants it ready by then.

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