Important places to visit the historical and cultural heritage of the province of Alicante

Heritage cultural heritage What we take from the past, live now and pass on to future generations. With this in mind, we should consider the importance of some of them. historical monuments, archaeological remains or popular traditions with a value to be considered as Cultural Heritage of Humanitya sect that has officially existed for years 1972When UNESCO reaches an agreement to grant this distinction.

When referring to places or monuments, recovery and rehabilitation for the whole society to enjoy today, but also without forgetting the elders didactic component required by these historic settlements, because thanks to them, present and future generations learning different ways of lifetraditions or customs that have occurred in different parts of the world for thousands of years.

The province of Alicante has numerous points of interest from north to south that trace the history of this Mediterranean region. From deposit Passing through the stage from the Roman era to the modernist architecture of the 20th century medieval. Known for its cultural richness three world heritage sites: Misteri d’Elx, a unique performance with medieval roots; Mediterranean Arch Rock Art with over 200,000 examples of Elche Palm Grove and notable cave paintings at l’Alcoià, El Comtat, Marina Alta and Marina Baixa.

Elche saves two historic orchards in the heart of Palmeral

Elche City Council, rescue of two heritage enclaves as located in the historical center of the city. Hort of Rastoll and Hort of Pontos. Two actions as described Main ArabidMember of the Elche Urban Planning Council, «recovery and Preservation of Elche heritagewith our palm groves and traditional houses urban transformation The spaces for all citizens to enjoy, also become much more. More attractive For all visitors who want to come and meet us, it is both our heritage and our city».

The current state of the Hort de Pontos, whose house dates from the early 1900s. ANTONIO LOVES

With regard to the work of Hort de Pontos, the main purpose is to rehabilitation of traditional dwellings in this space replanting palm trees and irrigation system as well as walls and enclosures.

They invested in this 857,717 € founded and a 12 months delivery time Since the beginning of the work planned for this summer. Rehabilitation of traditional dwellings and suitability of the immediate environment Arabid says his goal is to “value this ilicitano heritage asset.”

Image of the Hort de Pontos project with an execution period of 12 months.

Hort del Pontos house, a advanced state of deteriorationIt is one of Elche’s most emblematic traditional houses still preserved. full Palmeral Route and dates early 1900s. “In the beginning a private residence for agricultural use stands out with its typology, size and structure. special distributionWith its wide, L-shaped façade”, it clarifies the mayor.

With the renewal of the Hort de Rastoll, save this traditional orchard as a public garden, located in an urban area and is currently used for parking vehicles. “It represents an opportunity to present an opportunity to the neighborhood. orchard complementing the playground and entertainment area for the enjoyment of all citizens,” says Arabid.

The Hort de Rastoll renovation project in Avinguda de Candalix is ​​in full swing. ANTONIO LOVES

Together investment of nearly half a million euros and a 6-month execution period, rescue work of the Hort de Rastoll began last March and is now “more or less in the middle of the process», says the mayor.

Also, this action will be used for Urbanizing part of Antonio Antón Asencio streetimprove public lighting and surrounding sidewalks, and Cycle path between Candalix and Juan Carlos I streets.

It should be noted that the efforts to restore the historic orchard, following the traditional model, meet the requirements from palm garden conservation as follows. Cultural Interest Asset (BIC).

About half a million euros invested in the rescue work of Hort de Rastoll ANTONIO LOVES

The Urbanism mayor states that “the work undertaken at Hort de Rastoll and Hort de Pontos is framed in the DUSI Strategy and represents the next step in the preservation and promotion of our Historic Palm Grove.” It is a project to be financed with a total investment of 1.4 million Euros. 50% between city council and European Funds.

The main goal of Hort de Pontos’ work is the rehabilitation of traditional dwellings.

Urban Planning Council Member Ana Arabid values ​​two actions for renovating and adapting Elche’s historic orchards. These are two “different but related” enclaves., as defined by the mayor. On the one hand, the performance of Hort de Rastoll «rescuing a lost orchard and we are regrouping in a purely urban enclave that connects the orchards in the north of the city with those in the south”, explains Arabid.

It should be noted that these works BC. center planThe mayor said the mayor had carried out other actions, including the pedestrianization of Plaza de Baix and Corredora, which “meaning a real urban renewal”.

Ana Arabid, Member of the City Planning Council.

“What is intended continue such activities so that they return to both the center and the neighborhoods in a superior way. pedestrian oriented and civic enjoyment,” he adds.

The work to be done in Hort de Pontos for its part «for the first time, an integrative rehabilitation of a traditional building and restore the watering of the orchards time. It is a living example where you can experience how palm groves or irrigation is and how it relates to our heritage.”

Museumization of Banys de la Reina de Calp

This site is one of the most relevant archaeological sites in Roman Hispania.

The Banys de la Reina de Calp site currently has a roadmap that would allow either of the following: Archaeological communities in the most relevant Roman Hispania category. Diputación de Alicante and Ayuntamiento de Calp signed the act of submission of the document of this project prepared by the field of Architecture of the provincial institution, which will allow the execution of a project a few weeks ago. archaeological park can be visited.

It is an ambitious plan to be developed in three phases and includes several proposals for action. total cost of 15 million euros. The first will affect land that is already municipal property. two-year delivery time and an estimated budget of seven million euros to allow open the residential area to public visits. In this sense, it has been proposed to create a route over pedestrian bridges with a circuit of one kilometer.

The project consists of the execution of an archaeological park that can be visited in the residential area.

This second scene will affect public areas such as entrances, promenade or Muntanyeta. In this sense, the Master Plan recommends: Construction of an observation platform four meters above sea level It will be located on the promenade and will allow you to contemplate the nurseries of Banys de la Reina. For the purpose of connect the journey to kindergartens and the site itself is a walkway – 170 meters long bridge and five meters wide. The plan is also a sunken pier Protecting the remnants of quarries and nurseries from erosion by the sea is something that has to be demanded of Costas.

The plan consists of several action proposals to be developed in three phases.

This third scene will include acting long term on the ground What is in private hands in this archaeological complex. Dating from the 1st century AD to the 7th century AD, this archaeological site was Wonderful sets of Roman times on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The singularity and monumentality of the ruins in the space makes it one of the most interesting monuments Protected in the province of Alicante and the Community of Valencia.

Dive into the modernist legacy of Novelda

Located in the heart of the province of Alicante, Novelda great cultural and historical wealthreflected in its buildings and monuments. From the Middle Ages, Mola Castle It is an ancient fort framed in a network of forts built for control. Defense of the Vinalopó valley. The wall and its two towers have been preserved from it. One of these, triangular towerIt is the only mountain in our country with three peaks.

Temple of Santa Maria Magdalena.

Although the novelda stands out for one thing, modernist style buildings. next to the castle, Temple of Saint Mary Magdalene, the city’s great icon, the work of engineer José Sala Sala. One of the best examples of modernist architecture in Alicante, construction began in 1918.

Another of the jewels of the city of Novelda Modernist House Museuman early 20th century mansion that recreates a home today The original of the bourgeoisie; Furniture, frescoes, tapestries and other modernist objects, which can be found in both architecture and decorative elements, are exceptional in the province of Alicante.

Cultural Center Gomez Tortosa

On the same street, Calle Mayor, we find another house belonging to the local bourgeoisie: palace house Counts Gómez-Tortosatoday it has been converted into a Cultural Center and is where the Tourism Office is located.

Wandering through Novelda’s historic center is like traveling back in time to enjoy the facades and buildings. Casa Bonmatí or Old Savings Bank, today converted to Casal Fester. A walk that takes us to another gem of the city, Novelda Casino Cultural AssociationIt was founded in 1888 as a meeting place for the local bourgeoisie. Today the halls and wonderful gardens are perfectly preserved. listen to music in the temple of time.

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