4 suggestions to celebrate the International Day of Museums in the province of Alicante

Museums have the power to transform the world around us. as unique places discoveryThey teach us about our past and new ideasTwo basic steps for build a better future.

Every year since 1977, ICOM has held the International Day of Museums (IMD) on 18 May. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness that museums are works of art. an important environment for cultural exchange, enrichment of culturesas for, the development of mutual understanding, for cooperation and peace.

This year’s motto: “The power of museums” and its potential is demonstrated in three approaches:

– The power to ensure sustainability: Museums are strategic partners in the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As key players in their local communities, they contribute to a wide range of goals, including promoting the short circuit and social economy, and disseminating scientific knowledge about environmental challenges.

– The power of innovation in digitalization and accessibility: Museums have become innovative playgrounds where new technologies can be developed and applied to daily life. Digital innovation can help the public understand complex and nuanced concepts by making museums more accessible and engaging.

– The power of building community through education: Museums, through their collections and programs, weave a social fabric necessary for community building. By upholding democratic values ​​and providing lifelong learning opportunities for all, they help build an informed and participatory civil society.

To celebrate this day, different museums in the province of Alicante organized different events, open days, exhibitions, workshops and much more.

MARQ commemorates DIM with a new exhibition and events

Deputy for Culture Julia Parra during her visit to the museum.

The Archaeological Museum and all the cultural centers of Diputación de Alicante participate in the International Day of Museums (DIM) one year more with a grand ceremony. wide range of activities. At MARQ, programming seeks recognition of other civilizations, such as the Roman civilization, through the international exhibition “Gladiators”. “Heroes of the Colosseum” or Iron Age Castreña through exposure ‘Atlantic Warrior’ will be inaugurated today, Wednesday, May 18, by Julia Parra, Vice President and Cultural Affairs.

The President of Culture emphasized that the DIM program was “designed for the entertainment of all viewers, from the youngest to the smallest, with proposals from the very youngest. they aim to both entertain and convey valuable information about our history.”. Julia Parra also noted that “special emphasis is placed on providing accessible offers so that everyone can participate.”

The special program will continue until next Sunday. The events kick off with a guided visit on Wednesday, May 18. medieval room and with two workshops. First, ‘Work like a medieval potter’has the participation of the Alicante Association with Down Syndrome. Second, ‘My gladiator shield’ Dr in Alicante It is intended for the children of the Balmis University Hospital Hospital Pedagogy Unit. In the afternoon, exhibition activities for children aged 6-12 continue. ‘Atlantic Warrior’.

The weekend MARQ will present animated tours and storytelling For ASPANION and APSA users for all audiences and events. The workshops will show the organizational process. demonstrations fighting, different types of gladiators and their equipment.

Saturday night, MARQ gardens a ‘gladiator fight’ From 20:00 This show will be held by the “Hispania Romana” Association, which will represent “The Matrona’s dressing table”, also on Sunday from 12:30 to 13:30. Roman matron. Both offers are freely accessible.

Vilamuseu, the power to reach everyone

3D print of the Greek sacrificial crater compared to the original piece.

The slogan of this year’s International Museum Day focused on: the power of museums to transform society. One of the axes proposed by the International Council of Museums for DIM is “digitalization and accessibility”. Vilamuseu is a benchmark in combining these two fields and has received two major international awards in this field. “Augmented Accessibility” projectDeveloped in collaboration with Néstor F. Marqués.

The project consists of: digitization of collections to present the museum online in 3D through the Sketchfab platform. This allows examine the piece in detailZoom in or rotate to see it in 360º.

This virtualization contributes to the democratization of museum collections for research and enjoyment, even if you cannot come to Vilamuseu for any reason; but it also allows 3D printing of parts.

Painted and patinated once to be more faithful to the original, these reproductions form part of the sensory route of the exhibitions. integrated with the exhibition. inclusive resources accessible furniture, braille, sign language, audio description, augmentative and alternative communication pictograms and plain language texts. For the design and production of all these resources, the museum has the collaboration of user groups that recommend and test each material.

Vilamuseu is currently three semi-permanent exhibitions does not leave the public indifferent. On the one hand, Treasures of Vila Joiosa It offers a journey from the ancient history of the city to the Modern Age with ancient Mediterranean cultures such as Phoenician, Greek, Etruscan, Iberian and Roman. Some of the pieces in this exhibition are outstanding in the Iberian Peninsula.

Amphora from the Bou Ferrer Roman wreck in Vilamuseu warehouses.

Exhibition “Music, gunpowder and disembarkation”About the festivities of Moors and Christians, which attract international tourists, he later took us to the company barracks or “disembark”, through amazing audio-visual resources.

Finally, Bou Ferrer Shipwreck. Exceptional site” takes us back to the year 67. C., when a massive Roman ship carrying 3,500 amphorae of fish sauce and large lead ingots with the seals of the emperor Nero sank off the coast of Villajoyosa from Cádiz to Rome. beside sensory routeTo complete this experience, you visit the underwater archaeological laboratory and one of the most photogenic places in the museum with guided tours: amphorawith hundreds of amphorae from the wreckage in their original location.

Explore Alcoy with a variety of museum offerings

El Refugio de Cervantes is an anti-aircraft shelter from the Civil War.

International Museums Day is celebrated on May 18 as every year. Gathering this year “The power of museums” slogan. Since this date falls within the week, the celebration will continue throughout the weekend, that is, on Saturday, 21st and Sunday, 22nd. Different museums in the city of Alcoy are bidding for this celebration. open days and some special events for audiences of all ages are scheduled throughout the weekend.

Thus, among the different activities we find guided tours, virtual tours, concerts or games invites you to have fun and explore various museum offer in the city where they stand out: Discover City Exhibition Museum; a Alcoy visual tour From its origins to the present, including a visit to the ISURUS Paleontological Collection; Camilo Visedo Archaeological MuseumPreserving the remains of early settlements such as Neolithic ceramics and currently hosting the temporary exhibition “Between Iberians and Romans”; most Cervantes Shelter, a Civil War anti-aircraft bunker that also allows a 360º virtual tour of other bunkers in the city using new technologies; most Alcoyano Festival Museumwhere you can learn more about international Moorish and Christian festivals; and Provincial Fire Museum (MuBoma), the first museum dedicated to this profession . In addition to the exhibition halls IVAM EVERY Alcoi, most l’Antic Noble Chapel, Llotja de Sant Jordi and Mutua Levante Foundation. You can find more information about the celebration of this day on the website.

Alcoy has several museums.

During their stay, the visitor will also be able to perform several actions. urban roadsaspect The Modernist and Industrial Route passing through the streets of the city center where the facades of buildings such as Industry Circle, Escaló House, Turkey House Hello Laporta Houseamong others.

It is also recommended to visit. Sant Antoni Abat Cemetery, legacy that allows it to be included in it European Route of Important Cemeteries. Also lovers naturethey can enjoy any of the different hiking trails It runs through two city parks, the Serra de Mariola Natural Park and the Font Roja Natural Park.

Also, every week between February and November, Free guided visit to the La Sarga Cave Paintings, Places that have the distinction of being World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

‘Museu al vent’, 4 routes with audio guide to get to know El Poble Nou de Benitatxell

El Portalet is on the road through the urban area.

Poble Nou de Benitatxell has many attractions to show visitors and tourists alike. And in your absence cultural space the go-to place to learn about its history and heritage, the municipality has partnered with the Lookish Spain app to develop the Museu al Vent project. The visitor will be able to discover the most beautiful corners through four audio guided routes With 360º virtual reality.

This route through urban area You will wander through many historical and heritage items. These include the Portalet, the church of Santa María Magdalena, the Jaime Llobell oratory, the headquarters of the former Anticaciquista League, the former Cervera Cinema, etc. stands out.

Prominent Ruta dels Penya-Segats.

With l’Abiar route The recreation area of ​​L’Abiar and the natural well system that supplies water to the population will be visited. There will also be a stop at an old Riurau or at the Cova de les Bruixes archaeological site.

This Serbian route – Puig Llorença It will take visitors along an old communication road between the municipality and the foot of the mountain. On the tour, you can see the remains of an old quarry from the middle ages, among others.

Finally, the well-known Penya-Segats route It stretches along the entire coastline from Cala Llebeig to Morro del Roabit. The path allows you to enjoy the magnificent scenery and visit ancient caves used by fishermen, farmers and smugglers.

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