The genius of being 75 year old Iggy Pop

Regarding certain introspective albums of recent times, if we start to think about it, Iggy-Pop He was getting ready to pacify himself on stage (and he was preparing us) when we were 70, so we were totally wrong. Which prehistoric lizard came out of the window, still squirming and moaning with delight at their savage numbers stamped ‘helpful’, now it mixes with more nuanced pieces: accents Rock avant-garde german and misty recesses like the title track of his latest album ‘Free’ (2019), where he confines himself to humming “I want to be free” over an electronic blanket and a distant stream of trumpets.

Celebrating that Iggy Pop (Muskegon, Michigan, 1947) is in great form, modding his character (a little) these days on his European tour, ready to break his decade-long absence from the Catalan scenes. The only concert scheduled for the Porta Ferrada Festival in Sant Feliu de Guíxols on 29 July. House doesn’t fall for her: they tour the continent for four months, including 13 dates in perhaps her favorite European country, France (she approached her ‘chanson’ on two beautiful albums, ‘Préliminaires’, 2009 and ‘Après’, 2012). there was bowling Last Sunday at La Halle aux Grains in Toulouse, where this newspaper attended. An Iggy with imperial vocal range and booming bass lines, a dominating ‘showman’ with or without a jacket, a reptile marked by skin cracks and scars, says at 75 it may be too late to give us. up rock.’n’roll.

more open repertoire

While we can see him most recently with The Stooges and at major festivals (he went through Primavera Sound, Cruïlla and the extinct Summercase and Doctor Loft between 2005-2012), this tour is average auditoriums with the affinity and trend for theaters and nuances. And now, having deprived himself of The Stooges, he can open up the unattended intrigues and frameworks of his solo career, for example: Berlin scene in the late 70s, which brings five songs to his repertoire.

It has a band for it, as a novelty, a beautiful seventh (five French) with a keyboard player and two metals providing other textures based on the ‘Five foot one’ from the album ‘New Values’ (1979). The artist, in a jacket with nothing underneath, yawns as if made of clay and comfortable in the role of vagrant aristocrat, quick in ferocity as well as in serious monologue: from the millennial ‘TV eye’ and ‘The danger of Gimme’ to cloudy and slow numbers like those on the last album (‘Loves missing’ and ‘Free’, just the mentions) and ‘The endless sea’ and this ‘Mass production’ ‘Stupid’ (1977), the result of his alliance with David Bowie. Moments for an elegant screeching guitar set by Greg Fauque and Sarah Lipstate (the sonic landscape architect better known as the Noveller).

That dirty and poor bunch

Noble vandalism at La Halle aux Grains, an exquisite symphony concert hall (and home of the Orchester National du Capitole de Toulouse) where we can see what it means to be 75-year-old Iggy Pop. different at this point. Entering the stands in ‘Lust for Life’ and ‘Passenger’, enjoying the touch of the public on her bare body and Remembering that “dirty and poor” band that existed “a long time ago”, The Stooges, where he sings his favorite song is “I’m sick of you”.

This rock from Detroit has never sounded more precious, and the bath of marches (“I want to be your dog”, “Search and destroy”) intersected with another deep trace of the German avant-garde’s legacy. Neu!, “best krautrock band”, cyber funk of ‘Sister Night’, sleepwalker ‘Nightclubbing’ and a version of ‘Hero’, with layers of grainy electronica she sings while dancing with an enthusiastic fan who might be her granddaughter. Being Iggy Pop has always been phenomenal, and at 75 a little more.

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