Chanel performed at the Fiestas de San Isidro in Madrid to celebrate her third place in Eurovision.

representative of Spain Eurovision 2022Chanel is taking the stage today on San Isidro day to celebrate last night when she achieved the best result in our country since 1995. On the occasion of the capital’s patron saint festivities, Chanel, together with her dance team, will perform on the day of San Isidro. free on the Plaza Mayor stage that forms part of ‘LOS40 Classic’ musical macro event. This musical event is a free event hosted by Julia Varela and Tony Aguilar, describing this latest edition of Eurovision for the Spanish public.

Performing with Chanel other artists It’s like a tribute band to Nacha Pop, Tam Tam Go, Nena Daconte and the British The Clash. Madrid City Council, as soon as the Spanish representative in Eurovision arrives in the capital from Turin, Italy, where the final of the music festival is held this year, Plaza Mayor will take to the stage After reaching Saturday, he accompanied his team to share his energy with all the people of Madrid. The fourth best spectator in history. This will therefore be Catalonia-based Cuba’s first performance since reaching third place, Spain’s best result at the Festival since 1995, and not only that, the artist has received the best score ever from a Spanish nomination. We collected 459 points.

Chanel’s ‘SloMo’, a historic performance

The singer and dancer focused on her work rather than being controversial, achieving a historic result for Spain at the Eurovision festival. Best result in 62 years. The Cuban artist left the jury and most of the audience speechless with a speech. flawless performance According to the singer, this helped her feel like a winner before she even stepped off the stage. But despite starting as a favourite, and polls placing him in the top 5, no one expected the professional jury from a total of 8 countries to give him the highest score, 12 points.

Both Australia and Ireland gave this score to Chanel. It is a fact that has not been experienced in the entire history of the country at Eurovision. With 231 points from the professional jury He started the results of the popular vote by televoting, which was received from all European countries except Italy, the host of the Festival, and received 228 points in total, with 228 points. 459 points, The best score a Spanish candidacy has ever achieved.

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