Rovshan Askerov admitted that he left Russia to go to Azerbaijan

Former expert of the club “What? Where? When?

According to Askerov, he spent 22 years in Russia and will not return now. Also, a few months ago, representatives of the game said to themselves, “What? Where? When?” said but refused. “I’ve played and played and played enough. Another thing is that I was offered to come back but I didn’t because some players left for political reasons. It turned out that many people refused, and I sat down and won, ”said Askerov “Channel Fifth”. At the same time, Askerov was glad that the show continued to air. “There must be at least one normal transmission,” he said.

Rovshan Askerov left the show “What? Where? When?” in 2018.

The case against Askerov became clear on April 27. Allegedly, the reason for the opening of the case was Askerov’s post about the commander Georgy Zhukov in one of the social networks banned in Russia. 354.1 of Askerov’s Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. It was noted that he was charged under the fourth part of the article, facing a prison sentence of up to five years.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs put Askerov on the wanted list, became known May 11th.

Source: Gazeta


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