Blur makes up for Primavera Sound Madrid’s complicated start for the select few

It was perhaps the least formidable of the enemies he thought he would have to face. When Primavera Sound landed in Madrid, the weather was like this:. He faced the challenge of holding a mammoth festival on hostile terrain at least 40 kilometers from the city and knew he was being played against by other very powerful figures in the music industry. ruthlessly counter-programmed: no less than this thursday night Beyonce in Barcelona and on Friday guns and roses in Madrid. But none of them dashed the expectations of this festival. ‘Created in Barcelona’. It was as mundane as the weather without even a heavy rain that caused the cancellation of the event this Thursday in Rock City in Arganda. Halsey, Le Tigre, The Sparks or The New Order wiped off the map, leaving the festival crowd calm and musicless, at least for tonight. At the end of these lines, the days planned for Friday and Saturday in Arganda continued, but there were still many who doubted that something could be celebrated in that mud theme park that the images showed on the networks.

Amidst the shipwreck, the festival’s powerful organization managed to salvage at least a few pieces of furniture from the shipwreck on Thursday: the live stage Boiler Room X Cupra, 100% electronic themed and the most star of the concerts of the day, blurcan be repositioned with less audience in the room riviera. About 2,000 privileged Had their expectations of filling the festival in Arganda been met, they would have been able to see a performance they would have ever witnessed. 40,000. they tried place There were three other artists in La Riviera and some more in the other rooms, but the margin was tight and in the end that wasn’t possible: “The rooms have their own schedules and Blur wants to act alone”, commented from the organization.

Korean fans at the Blur concert at La Riviera.

British tickets took (literally) a minute to sell when they were made easy to buy on a Thursday afternoon. At the entrance of the next room at concert time madrid river drama was in the air. About two hundred people were waiting for a miracle to happen and to be let in. Louis, a desperate fan who had tickets for the entire festival complained that he checked in at 4:00 PM, the scheduled delivery time, and couldn’t get tickets. They didn’t let a friend who could not come to use it either. His case was that of dozens of people, so much so that even La Riviera was not full.

Thus, without opening curtains or milongas, bareback, at about 9:30 p.m., four members of the London band took the stage; Oasis scepter of kings britpop When there was that spectacular boom of independent groups that became the top currency ofBlai in Cool BritanniaIt was the mid 90’s, this thursday concert’set list A little Changed compared to what was presented in the Barcelona edition However, Primavera Sound would encompass a broader era than exactly a week ago when they dominated the global alternative scene.

They started with ‘common sense’Charles Square’, For Insidious, first of all, it’s one of the forward songs of their new album, which they released eight years later. A bit of loose provisioning, but one that allows the nostalgia operation to begin without warning, ruining the room for the next hour and a half, and sometimes turning it into a place that is now part-time, a discotheque and sometimes part-time. A good pop concert should be: karaoke where the audience surrenders. The wind started with this ‘There is no other way’ Happy Mondays and so 1991, and they followedTracey Jacks’, ‘Beetlebum’, ‘Villa Rosie’ or ‘Coffee and TV’, It’s the idle escapist and rhythmic allegory of a generation that has not yet suffered from progress because insecurity has not yet imposed fear on people. It will come in the youth of the West.

A photo from the Blur concert in La Riviera.

On stage, four college students, representing the socialite face of Britpop in the 90s, To the norteño and working-class spirit of the Oasis now they looked like a meeting of cool ad agency CEOs and cultural studies professors. At a barbecue because everyone was wearing a T-shirt except Albarn, who started with a casual suit in the second song and took off his jacket. A group of attractive, well-educated and well-travelled mature men who wear expensive horn-rimmed glasses and wear youth clothing to spend their years. Albarn sang in his usual haughty demeanor, spitting water at the audience, and joking in one of the songs that his teeth were going to fly (“there’s no stabilizer backstage,” he joked contemptuously). It seemed a little more dedicated than in Barcelona, ​​perhaps because of the small space and intoxicated by the steam emanating from the public. During, graham coxon asserted his character as a guitar intellectual while brutally attacking and alex jamesshe had her hair cut in a bun, mostly in low poses. Dave Rowntree It continues to stick to the battery. They still have a few rehearsal room sessions to do. Oil the show 100%.

But it didn’t matter. When the train of songs from that awesome album came ‘park life’, chaos erupted among a more intergenerational audience than expected, because that’s what myths have: they survive over time. They fell off that disc almost back to back “End of the Century”, “Park Life” and “Until the End”. They laid the groundwork for 2′, this would come a few songs later and leave more than one kneecap tired from jumping so much to the sound of the famous scream..

They entered the encore with one of the great choral chants, ‘It’s Low’On the way back, they upset the audience with ‘.Girl and Boy, Albarn all the faces continued with the gospel hymn.Don’t be inclinedthey chose the new and valuable “Narcissist” and they finished with ‘Universal’. The orchestra was missing, but listening to it live again only showed that: Blur, like few others, has mastered the mechanics of pop music.. The resulting night was, in a way, more like what was expected from Heaven. Madrid. The meteorological oddity was previously expressed by Albarn. “Today it is 32 degrees and sunny in England. Who denies climate change moron”, he blurted out. As if they had heard it, these retreating clouds seemed to point to better omens for a Primavera Sound that did not deserve this eventful event, whether by miscalculation or not. exit in the capital

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