Michael Schenker at Barcelona’s Salamandra 50 years of ‘black label’ hard rock

50 years ago Michael Schenker recorded with scorpions, The band formed by his brother Rudolf, the song ‘Search for peace of mind’, an esoteric starting point for a foundational career in the development of hard rock. This Wednesday was one of the songs that sounded on a packaged Salamander that was directed to the concert originally scheduled at Razzmatazz. Anniversary night to enjoy the tag of a ‘guitar hero’ and the author of the genre’s main songs, already outside UFO, the group he’s dating, or on consecutive solo adventures.

In the middle of the photo is the Gibson Flying V guitar and it the songbook maybe too melodic and too ‘for metal’heavy‘for middle ear Rock. Along with Schenker, a competent group whose singer is not quite up to the task: Robin McAuley (Chile-Spanish Ronnie Romero filling the round for the scheduled anthem) A combo not included in the ‘setlist’ of the rather forgotten McAuley Schenker Group (1986-93), was the voice of a figure who was not at his best and had a far less legendary aura than Gary Barden or Graham Bonnet. vocal form.

But Schenker has managed to celebrate this fifty-year catalog that reminds us that his work continues to grow (last year he released ‘Immortal’, and ‘Universal’ will arrive at the end of the month with fast ‘Emergency’ coming out), and is placing himself in the classics of the ’70s and the top 80. . Milestones of the first Michael Schenker Group, such as ‘Cry for the nations’, ‘Armed and ready’ or an unusual ‘Red sky’, In addition to that ‘bluesy’ ‘Rock you to place’ where McAuley’s recording doesn’t stand to be compared to Bonnet’s ominous original shot.

‘Axeman’ Schenker in top form mathematical and emotional style, its essence was found in the instrumental track ‘Inside the Arena’ and the ‘power tour’ of ‘Rock Bottom’ by UFO. His repertoire, immortalized in his own time with Phil Mogg and his friends, set the standard for the eternal boogie with up to eight words. ‘Doctor Doctor’ always overwhelming and unexpected lights go out (unheard of the night before in Madrid) and one last feast on the back ‘Don’t shoot’, ‘Natural thing’ or ‘Only you can rock me’. Accompanying him in his ever-changing bands, Schenker remained for a while feeling like he had the rope.

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