Heritage-making Alicante art

Works of six artists from the province integrated into the new exhibition opening this Thursday. Valencia Carme Centershowing until September Recent acquisitions by the Ministry of Culture to contemporary creators settled in the Valencian Community for promoting the arts sector in the region and to contribute to building a collection on the common heritage envisioned in the future.

Contemporary Art of the Generalitat Valenciana V It brings together the works acquired in 2021 by a total of 19 artists from Alicante or from the province, Ricardo Cases, Rosalía Banet, María Dolores Mulá, Perceval Graells, Clara Sánchez Sala and Eduardo InfanteAlong with five from Castellón and eight from Valencia.

Perceval Graells and María Dolores Mulá attended the opening of this exhibition.As soon as it finishes its tour at the Center del Carme, it will be exhibited at Elche next September.It is distributed between the areas of l’Escorxador and the Medieval Market, as announced yesterday by José Luis Pérez Pont, director of the Valencian Community of Museums Consortium.

From Perceval Graells triptych appeared Not a pot and a ember for planting leather (2021) where the artist tears fabrics to see the plan of the thread or the inside of the soul and then sews them together with red thread to heal wounds. mule View of the salt flats of Santa Pola, pink salt shakerIt is part of the series that he took to the ARCO fair in 1986.

Photo of Ricardo Cases in the exhibition RICARDO CASE

heat Edward Infante with sample available lieder. flowers and sparks, is a set of 24 pieces of different sizes, made under the influence of romance between 2017-2020. photography Ricardo Cases corresponds to the series The Cause of Oranges (2014)A portrait of the spirit of Levante and current Spain.

prayed It is a 2019 ceramic sculpture purchased by Rosalia Banetwhere he puts together fragments of previous work and represents the absurdity of the consumer society, and Shadow is the measure of light and life (2019) is included in the example Clara Sanchez Hallthe result of emulsifying eleven sheets of paper in cyanotype in order to record the motion of the earth.

One of the pieces that make up the exhibition by Eduardo Infante INFORMATION

This is the fifth comprehensive exhibition derived from the Valencian artistic heritage incentive scheme, which has already contributed with the first purchase of 33 works since its inception in 2017. Generalitat Contemporary Art Collection in total 129 pieces both artists -40 of them from Alicante-. an artistic set “This is taking shape and gaining identity. It is a collection that observes the balanced presence of men and women, regional representation, intergenerationalism and diversity of techniques. creative is present,” emphasizes Pérez Pont.

Regarding the sampling probability On display in the city of AlicanteThe head of the consortium, stating that it does not have its own headquarters, states that “We are committed to the space they offer us”.

It should be noted that first exhibition Of the 33 works in the collection, they have not yet been seen in Alicante, as they have only been exhibited in the Lonja town hall and the City Council has yet to find a date that fits its schedule.

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