Kabanov, soloist of the group “Roots”, commented on rumors of marriage with Sati Kazanova 22:50

Singer Alexei Kabanov, in an interview with journalist Alena Zhigalova, denied the words that Sati Kazanova proposed to the artist.

Kabanov suggested that Casanova decided to “cheat” on his former loves. “Well, I will support him in a difficult matter. We were a little cheered. Something grumbled at me, and I grumbled at him, ”the artist explained.

Kabanov noted that in fact there was no conflict between himself and Casanova. The artist noted that he had not seen the singer for more than 10 years.

Kabanov revealed that he had an affair with Casanova after participating in the Star Factory show. Their relationship went on tour. “He was comfortable with me, and I was comfortable with him. And so we traveled through the “factory” tour. <...> But then it all came to naught, ”said the musician.

According to Kabanov, one of the reasons for the gap between the artists was that they rarely saw each other. The initiator of the separation was Casanova. According to the musician, the singer left him, saying that he was cheating on her. “I cheated, not treason, I did not stand by the candle. Yes, in general it does not matter anymore, ”the musician concluded.

Source: Gazeta


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