Natalya Friske, who gave birth a month ago, talked about her excess weight and the difficulties she had during pregnancy.

A little over a month ago, Zhanna Friske’s sister Natalya Friske gave birth to a daughter, Luna, this is her first child. The singer spoke on the air of the program “Stars Gathered” on NTVShe said she feared that her excess weight would stay with her due to hormone therapy, but she began to lose weight sharply without dietary restrictions and training.

Natalia Friske said that she spends almost all her time taking care of the baby, so it is too early to talk about diets and sports.

Friske said she was afraid of gaining weight because she injected herself with hormones before IVF.

“During hormone therapy, I gained 10 pounds, so I got pregnant with 75 pounds and then quickly gained weight,” Friske said.

The 36-year-old artist does not hide that his daughter was born with the help of IVF. However, this was far from Friske’s first attempt at becoming a mother.

“I got pregnant before Jeanne – in 2011. But unfortunately then the baby froze, the same thing happened in 2014 and 2015, ”shared the guest of the show. According to her, doctors talked about genetic incompatibility with her ex-husband. The couple also tried IVF in 2017 but failed.

This failure was one of the reasons for the divorce.

In 2019, doctors told Natalya that after everything except IVF, nothing will help. After all the abortions and miscarriages, she was diagnosed with tube blockage.

This time Natalia was able to get pregnant for the first time. She is raising her daughter alone. At the beginning of her pregnancy, the girl broke up with her father.

The artist first became a mother on April 8, 2022, named the girl Luna. Singer announcedHow to choose a name for a child.

Source: Gazeta


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