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I returned to “Friends and Heroes”, the third part of the Balkan trilogy. Olivia ManningAlong with the three frescoes that make up the Levante, it is probably the largest of the frescoes published about a period in literary history, making up “War Fortune”, an amusing and monumental fresco depicting the Second World War. Besides being an impartial moralist, Manning was an inimitable storyteller, artistically sophisticated, restrained, emotionless, and sometimes quite original prose. In terms of years, his style is more suited to today’s literary tastes than of his time, so it’s probably his greatest achievement for generations to come.

The six novels of the two trilogies reinforce each other and have the effect of strongly illuminated imagery that only an author who is a privileged witness to events like him can faithfully project them because he has lived them up close. Manning was with her husband. reggie blacksmith, in Bucharest when Romania began to side with Nazi Germany. The couple fled to Athens with other expatriates and when Greece fell, they moved to Egypt and later to Palestine. Both worked during the war, he taught, held various jobs, including press attaché at the US Embassy in Cairo, and the literary pages of the “Jerusalem Post”. All this provided him with material not only for the trilogy, but also for the previous two books, “The Artist Among the Lost” (1949) and “The School of Love” (1951). Both can be considered a preview of what would happen after the sixties and distill a clear message against colonialism, the consequences of empire and war.

In “Friends and Heroes,” the Portsmouth-born and presumed Anglo-Irish author shines both in the tireless rhythm of the adventure of his protagonists, Guy and Harriet Pringle, and in the historical reconstruction that is certain to him and to himself. husband, as well as the large and rich cast of characters circulating in the novel. As with the previous two installments, the acclaimed “great wealth“(1960) and”the looted city“(1962), also previously published by Asteroid Books. When Harriet and Guy, after being stranded in Bucharest, finally meet again in Athens, new obstacles arise again.

By Olivia Manning, Pablo Garcia.

In general, the plot of the novels of the two trilogies has something akin to the suspense of purely adventure narrative, enriched by the unfolding of deferred events as if the reader’s theme is undergoing a test that is subjective rather than memory. Forgotten Names and Places Come Back to Life: The Quarterback Claude AuchinleckCommander-in-Chief of the British Army during World War II; King Carol from Romania; greek dictator metaxas, as well as vital residential areas such as Tobruk and El Alamein. The way this past world comes to the surface is neither Proustian nor metaphorical; Manning’s narrative drive rarely finds time to go off topic. While he eschews arrogant style, avoids sentimentality, and manages the atmosphere with great common sense, he becomes the two pillars of any realistic fiction he deals with: characters and action. There is no less room in the English writer’s trilogy than events on the front pages of the world’s newspapers at the time, which provided the widest possible framework for what Manning was trying to convey. Despite this simple prose, the author of Friends and Heroes seems to have been inspired by another famous trilogy, “The Sword of Honor,” for his first three books. Evelyn WaughThe second volume had just come out when Manning started in 1956. Literary affinities he mentioned with his publisher Punch, Anthony Powelland his megalomaniacal “A Dance to the Music of Time” is less justified. In this case, maybe luckily for Olivia Manning.

Ignoring the big budget TV version, BBC Taking the best of the “Fortues of War” books from 1987, Manning’s six-volume mammoth work can be considered one of those rare, multifaceted combinations of soap opera and literature that satisfies the passions of two viewers: what could, in a commercial sense, be considered merely enjoyable reading. those who are looking for things and want to find more on their page. I had a really good time reading these books.

‘Friends and Heroes’ by Olivia Manning.

friends and heroes

Olivia Manning

Translation of Concha Cardeñoso

Asteroid books, 448 pages, 24.95 euros

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