Spring Festival 2023: schedules, artists and everything you need to know

expected Spring Festival Alicante is back this year with a release that promises to exceed all expectations. This 26 and 27 MayRabasa multisite in Alicante will be epicenter of the music sceneoffer two days full of concerts and unique experiences.

In this new edition, Alicante Spring Festival 2023 made a qualitative leap. international artists be part of your eclectic signature. Approved names include: Two Doors Cinema Club, fangoria, Alizz, During Carolina, Carlos Sadness, demons, shinova, Leiva, Lori Meyers, come on And Delaportpromising to deliver unforgettable performances.

aware of its positive impact, Festival Produced in the local economy, the organization expanded the venue to accommodate more attendees. In total, up to twenty-two thousand people are expected to benefit from the concerts each day, surpassing the number of the previous edition.

However Spring Festival Alicante is not just limited to music. As part of complementary activities, exhibitions, film screenings, photography shows, literature presentations and gastronomy trips will be held at different points of the city. This offer aims to enrich the participants’ experience by offering a range of cultural options free of charge.

The festival has managed to establish itself as one of the most relevant events in the world. Alicante thanks to the continued support of the public and the commitment of the organizer behind the festival. As announced, 90% of the tickets have already been sold, reflecting the great interest the Spring Festival has enjoyed among music lovers.

For those coming from abroad; Alicante Spring Festival is presented as an opportunity to explore the city and enjoy its festive atmosphere. In addition, thanks to the new low-priced high-speed train lines, an increase in the number of visitors from other districts is expected. This tourist flow will not only benefit the music industry, but also other industries such as the hotel and catering industry.

Spring Festival 2023 poster: programs and stages

This Spring Festival Alicante 2023 schedules has already been announced, and a program is provided to ensure that the attendees can enjoy all the concerts. Next, we present the schedule of the main concerts by day:

Spring Festival 2023 schedule: Friday, May 26

  • 19:05-20:05: Shinova

  • 20:10-21:10: Jinn

  • 21:15-22:30: Two Door Cinema Club

  • 22:40-23:35: During Carolina

  • 23:40-00:55: Fangorya

  • 01:05-02:05: Carlos Sadness

  • 02:10-03:10: Alizzz

Spring Festival 2023 schedule: Saturday, May 27

  • 18:15-19:05: Jimena Amarillo

  • 19:10-20:10: Amaya

  • 20:15-21:15: I Love You

  • 21:20-22:30: Lori Meyers

  • 22:40-23:40: Cupid

  • 23:45-01:00: Leiva

  • 01:05-01:55: Leave

  • 02:00-03:00: Eyelet Heat

Spring Festival Alicante 2023 is approaching and promises to be an unforgettable event for lovers. music. Get ready for a unique experience in a festive atmosphere where music and culture come together, don’t forget to buy your ticket.

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