Singer Alexei Vorobyov revealed the secret of the plot in the program “Mask”

The finalist of the show “Mask” Alexei Vorobyov talked about how he managed to hide his identity in the Beast costume. He told that he hid his voice behind a hoarse and sang the song “And I know my lover from his walk”, the most famous of which was performed by Garik Sukachev, almost screaming.

“I tried to sing as if I had never sang. And I had to choose the appropriate material, ”the singer shared. – Later, when I watched the broadcast, in which I sang under Garik Sukachev, there was a moment when Batrutdinov turned to Valeria and said: “Absolutely not Vorobyov”, and Valeria answered her: “He can do this!”. And at that moment, “They already know me very well!” I think.

The actor also changed the way he communicated with the judges and made lots of jokes.

“Thanks to Monstrik monologues, I managed to mislead the jury: at one point they decided that he was either a masked professional comedian or a KVNschik,” Vorobyov added.

In the third season of The Mask, taken third row. The winner was Ildar Abdrazakov, the opera singer in the costume of the Dragon, and Maria Zaitseva, the lead singer of the duet “#2Masha” in the image of Anubis, took the second place.

Source: Gazeta


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