Vasily Petrenko conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at ADDA

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Narek Hakhnazariancello. Vasily Petrenkomanager.

In October 2012, it opened its first symphonic season at the Auditorio de la Diputación. Vasily Petrenko, then head of the Liverpool Orchestra, which he owns. Today he does this with his new Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London. A tour of Spain with only two concerts in Madrid and eastern Alicante. A complete privilege. The orchestra visited ADDA in May 2016 with Pinkas Zukerman as conductor and soloist. Today’s cello soloist, young Armenian Narek Haknazaryan, who replaced the announced Trule Mork.

Antonin Dvorak (Nelabozeyes, Bohemia, 1841- Prague, 1904)

Concerto for cello and orchestra in B minor (opus 104)

Behind New World SymphonyConcerto for cello and orchestra, which we heard this season at the ADDA Simfònica orchestra’s concert on October 14, ranks second among Dvorák’s most popular works. It was composed in the winter of 1894-1895 and is the Czech composer’s last American work. When he returned to Prague, he made a few changes to the score, above all adding his own melody at the end. Four songs (opus 82) in memory of his sister-in-law, Josefina Kounicova, who recently died and whom he had great affection for. It was premiered in Prague on March 19, 1896, by Leo Stern, under the direction of the author. The cellist scheduled for the premiere was Hanus Wihan, one of the best Czech cellists of the era, but there are disagreements between the author and the soloist about the cellist. cadence In the end, they failed this collaboration, although Hanus Wihan was an excellent interpreter of Schumann’s and Saint-Säens’ first concerts for this concert, which after many years was among the most popular in the concert repertoire. Despite being a piece composed in the United States, according to musicologist André Lischké, “it bears no sign of American influence, as Dvorák was torn between the sense of nostalgia and energy he felt at the time when he was separated from his homeland, which he always drank at his national roots.

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Votkinsk 1840- Saint Petersburg, 1893)

Manfred (build 58)

On the occasion of the performance of Tchaikovsky’s first symphony on March 9, we said that he was the person who gave the greatest future to the post-Beethoven symphony among Russian symphonists, both with his six and three symphonies. Manfred What we will listen to today is a work that occupies a special place in music production because it is the only work that is a direct imitation of Berlioz. fantastic symphony As of the history of the French composer harold in italy. theme Manfred It was suggested to Tchaikovsky by Balakirev, who had proposed it to Berlioz in 1868. In a letter from Balakirev to Tchaikovsky, he outlines a program for the four parts of the work, all intersecting with the same idea, and calling it the “fixed idea.” Tchaikovsky was tempted by this proposal and finally signed the work two years later, in 1885, on a program written by Vladimir Stassov based on the work, following Balakirev’s instructions. Manfred By Lord Byron: Tormented by despair and the memory of killing his beloved Astarte, Gregorian voices come as Manfred wanders the Alps until he is forgiven by Astarte’s shadow before meeting his death. brings death like fantastic symphony from Berlioz. The work created before the Great Fifth and Sixth symphonies, patheticTchaikovsky premiered in Moscow on March 11, 1886, under the direction of Erdmannsdöfer. In André Lischké’s opinion, “this note is notable for its writing, orchestration and sense of connotation”.

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