They want to force the soloist of Vorovayek, who survived a heart attack, to participate in tours.

The director of the Vorovayki group, Andrei Karpov, in an interview with accused the producer of the group that he intends to tour the cities, despite the serious condition of the soloist Svetlana Larionova, who is in intensive care with severe poisoning. At the same time, according to Karpov, the tour could take place without the participation of Larionova, she will be replaced by the ex-member of the Larisa Nadyktova group.

“The producer insists that the soloist be discharged from the hospital in the near future, as he does not want to cancel the city tour on May 10. It all depends on financing. His condition is stable and serious… He is conscious. Until May 4, Svetlana will definitely be in the hospital. The tour will definitely happen, but maybe without Svetlana. A former member of the Larisa group (Nadyktova – can replace her. It’s a temporary replacement,” she said.

Formerly Karpov reportedLast night Larionova suffered a heart attack, but doctors managed to stabilize her condition, and this morning she was forced out of a medically induced coma.

Vocalist of the Russian chanson group “Vorovaiki” introduced He fell into a medical coma on April 29 due to severe poisoning. The singer fell ill after the company party, at which the group performed on April 14 in Kostroma.

It is known that after the concert Larionova had dinner in a restaurant, and on the way to Moscow, vomiting began, fever rose and convulsions appeared. In the capital Larionova, she was diagnosed with acute poisoning, after which she continued drip therapy for two weeks.

Source: Gazeta


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