Actress Kobzeva lost consciousness after falling into the water on the set of the movie “Old House” 09:06

Chatting with actress and model Irina Kobzeva passion He talked about how he suffered while playing one of the stuntmen on the set of the movie “Old House”.

According to the star, she had to fall into the water in a specially equipped pool on the set. “It seemed like a simple task, but I started having panic attacks and lost consciousness after my second attempt. They pumped me out for several hours,” Kobzeva shared.

The actor also admitted that he cried with fear during the filming of a scene. “I had to suddenly get up, quickly run to the door, open it and fall into the abyss. I have insurance. But it was insanely scary,” she recalls. Kobzeva said that she wanted to escape from filming.

The model received several minor injuries. Kobzeva recalled how she acted in a scene with a car without fastening her seat belts. “To make the shooting more exciting and realistic, they began to sharply rotate the car around its axis on special devices on which the car was fixed. I flew from side to side across the cabin,” she said.

Maxim Maksimov’s movie “The Old House” will be released on April 6th. At the center of the plot are spouses Elena (Kobzeva) and Artur (Vladimir Yaglych), who moved to a remote house after an accident involving a woman. Elena discovers that home is in a new place every day.

Source: Gazeta


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