What we get carried away with is so real it’s even frightening. The ages most prone to this vulnerability, as always, correspond to the age of development, that is, when we are most docile, from the very young to the early youth.

But even adulthood does not protect us from certain influences well-known to advertisers who play on our emotions like jugglers to sell us our own father if necessary, and they succeed.

The bad effects that truly frighten us are the normalized or death outcomes that are directly linked to the violation of what we accept as normal.

In recent years, talking about suicide is thought to be positive in terms of prevention. However, in the seventies a California sociologist scientifically demonstrated what happens when suicide is advertised and spread all over the place.

As David Phillips describes in his work, after the publication of a suicide story comes a series of subsequent suicides that could have been completely avoided had it not been disseminated, as it is a direct result of publication. The most surprising aspect of the study is that post-news suicide rates appear within a few months, and the most common victims are adolescents.

He calls this phenomenon the “Werther effect”, taken from Goethe’s novel The Sorrows of Young Werther, which, after its publication in 1774, triggered a wave of suicide resulting from the novel’s protagonist’s suicidal act. The problem was so infuriating that some European countries banned its sale to stop the rising suicides among young people.

In the face of this panorama, we must consider the prevailing distinction between freedom of the press and the impact it can have on the public. It is clear that we cannot choose to ban certain news items and we certainly know that they can cause death situations among buyers, but signatories need to be aware of the impact they will have. the results they might have.

We’ll have to analyze what happens to news of attacks on beggars, online beating videos, terrorism, rapes, murders, pedophilia, child attacks on parents, illegal car racing, robberies, and countless crimes. evils that delight many media and fill their fields with the most blatant diseases without paying attention to the possible consequences.

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