Felipe V painting leaves Valencia for the first time in 42 years

legendary Philip V upside down left the facility this morning From the Xàtiva Museum of Fine Arts towards Almansawill be the star of an exhibition framed at commemorative events. 315 anniversary of the war result in the abolition of the privileges of the Kingdom of Valencia and the city is on fire charred. It was past 10 am when the heritage protection company responsible for the transport arrived at the complex after a breakdown delayed the trip.

Portrait of Josep Amorós, dated 1719 maximum carecovered and packaged in a special wrapping ensure your protection Along 65 kilometers separating Xàtiva and Almansa. The city of Albacete opens the exhibition this afternoon (20:00) “Philip V: one war, two cities”hosting as well as the famous canvas two thumbnails of setabense Pepe Samir That sparked the burning of Xàtiva at the hands of the Bourbon troops.

Felipe V is traveling outside the capital of Costera for the first time since 1980, when the painting participated in the Valencia City International Exhibition Fair. Carlos Sarthou, historian and then director of the Xàtiva museum, decided in the 1940s. flip the picture with a symbolic gesture this date has passed. Although the Almansa and Xàtiva city councils have agreed to hand over the portrait in 2020, most Pandemic had to postpone plans initials.

He was originally going to move before the weekend, but the team had to stay at Xàtiva on Saturday for the traditional match. Celebration of respect for the maulets and take action transfer of senyera before autonomy staged by former president Josep Lluís Albinyana. This piece hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts.

Philip V will be about a month in Almansa and will return home for commemoration of the siege of XàtivaOne of the episodes of the War of the Succession, which took place from 8 May to 6 June 1707. Vinyl that reproduces the canvas of Amorós so that the remaining space is not left empty, as it is considered to be the most popular and attracting the most visitors to the Xàtiva museum.

The mayor of Xàtiva, Roger Cerdà, was present at the historic recreation with Corts president Enric Morera in the town of Albacete on Sunday. In the assembly of Almansa they applauded his speech. strengthen the ties of understanding and cooperation war as a link and leaving behind the historical quarrels between the two municipalities, in which both populations have nothing to do.

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