5 essential Raquel Welch movies

Although his filmography was not outstanding, he appeared in some popular culture films of the 1960s and stood out in many films. We highlight five titles that cement his reputation or show his less traditional side.

1- ‘ONE MILLION YEARS AGO’ (Don Chaffey, 1966)

There is an early 1940s version of this prehistoric adventure story starring Victor Mature and Carole Landis, but the 1966 version, produced by Hammer Films, far exceeds it. Welch plays Loana and John Richardson plays Tumak, who is faced with animals of all kinds (played by Ray Harryhausen) and a volcanic eruption. The pre-flood bikini outfit Welch wore caused a sensation.

2- ‘A WONDERFUL JOURNEY’ (Richard Fleischer, 1966)

A great idea, revisited years later in ‘The Magnificent chip’. Welch is part of the medical team that enters the body of a dying scientist after being miniaturized, in a small submarine. A fantastic adventure where the lungs, red blood cells and digestive system are the enemies to defeat. He deserved Oscars for artistic direction and special effects.

3- ‘MYRA BRECKINRIDGE’ (Michael Sarne, 1970)

Gore Vidal wrote his novel in the form of a diary in 1968 and conceived it as a satire on machismo, patriarchy, feminism and transsexuality. Who better to bring the main characters of Vidal’s text to life than Welch and the ‘sex symbol’ Mae West who preceded him in the 1930s? Looking at it today, it’s more camping than satire. The book was considered pornographic and the movie had problems with censorship.

4-‘THE THREE MUSHERS’ (Richard Lester, 1973)

A brilliant cast (Michael York, Oliver Reedm, Faye Dunaway, Christopher Lee, Richard Chamberlain, Geraldine Chaplin, Charlton Heston), Welch’ i stressed as the sensitive but seductive Constance. She brought him his only grand prize, the Golden Globe.

5-‘WILD PARTY’ (James Ivory, 1975)

Welch plays the actress Queenie, who is looking for a job and a lover in 1920s Hollywood. The film is based on a poem by Joseph Mancure March that will also be carried over to the music field in 1999. Babylon party where Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle and another promising actress died. One of Welch’s best works and very different from the rest of Ivory cinema.

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