Cultural Initiatives Foundation Issues Statement Supporting President’s Words on Cancellation Culture

Roman Karmanov, Director General of the Presidential Cultural Initiatives Fund, on his Telegram channel “Pocket media” He supported the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about attempts to eradicate Russian culture in the West.

“I think these attempts are suicidal because they are essentially the same as trying to invalidate the entire world culture. The enthusiasts of this ridiculous movement are so ignorant that they do not realize how integrated the Russian classics are with the world cultural foundation.

Trying to erase the names of Russian writers, composers and artists from the memory of their generation, these ignorant people deprive themselves of a cultural future.

Western fanatics of the eradication of Russian culture did not foresee one thing: the “Streisand effect” works regardless of their morbid desires. As the bans increase, interest in Russian books, Russian opera and Russian artists increases.
Now Russian writers are read by 45 percent of Americans – ban more, there will be a hundred people, ”Wrote Karmanov.

He also added that the fanatics are trying to deprive their citizens of Russian culture.

“The craziest and at the same time pathetic thing in the actions of these neolegists is their attempt to deprive their own citizens of Russian culture. Anna Netrebko, Aida Garifulina, Valery Gergiev… Why are they so afraid and blocked the opportunity to go to the Western people? Karmanov will no doubt be an unnecessary “picture” for the Western mass media, revealing the fact that Russian culture is stronger than the “politics of ignorance” of the West, there will be crowds, applause.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that discrimination against everything connected with Russia is advancing in the West. The head of state also signed decrees on awards and awards to young cultural figures for achievements in literature and art for children in 2021.

Source: Gazeta


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