Altea opens to dance at the next Nit de l’Art

Installation, video art, performance and now dance These are the disciplines for which the new call is made. Projects for Altea Art Nightone of the biggest artistic events that is part of the cultural life of the municipality and also includes the programme. open studiosThe next edition, the sixth, will be held June 1-3.

in spirit increase the culture and contemporary creation, Altea City Council proposes the Nit de l’Art as a living space for experimentation and shared artistic transition. between artists and the public via both calls: the Projects For individual or collective proposals of plastic and visual artists, performers and dancers, no nationality and age limitwhich will take place outdoors in different parts of the city open studios It is aimed to show the workshops of artists and artisans residing in the urban area of ​​Altea, which is included in a route organized in the afternoon of June 2 and in the morning of June 3, with the opportunity to hold events in it to the public. own venues at the suggestion of the artists.

One of the proposals of the Nit de l’Art with public participation in the previous edition PEPE ZAARAGOZI

deadline submission of bids for both calls Opens Wednesday, February 1 – March 17, 2023 and artists wishing to participate can download the foundations of both programs from the website of Altea City Council ( or from the website of Salmaia, the company responsible for the organization ( Cultural Council Member Aurora Serrat and the person responsible for Salmaia, isabel martinezpresented the basics for the sixth edition this Tuesday.

500 euros per project

A selection committee will select five of the proposals received for the project call. the chosen ones They will receive a donation of 500 € each one that will serve to cover their possible costs producing (although the submitted works were finished at the time you joined this call) and Transportation While the Initiative of works has expanded to include artists of any nationality, the thirty projects taken on average are often of national origin, not forgetting that works sometimes come from the United States or Vietnam, among other countries.


Places There will be Esplanade TRAM Altea (Friday 2 June), Plaça de l’Esglèsia de Nuestra Señora del Consuelo (Saturday 3 June), Plaça de Carmelina Sánchez Cutillas (Saturday 3 June), where parts or interventions will be developed. , Mirador Francesc Martínez i Martínez (Saturday 3 June) and Mirador Carrer Santa Bárbara (Saturday 3 June).


The selection committee to evaluate the projects will consist of: Aurora SerratAltea Culture Consultant; isabel martinezcurator of La Nit de l’Art 2023 project; Ignacio Beltrancultural technician of Altea Town Hall; denim cocomultidisciplinary artist and President of UMH Anetta Nicoli, Vice President of Culture of UMH and representatives of UMH Fine Arts Faculty Art Department.

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