Rudkovskaya complained about half a million rubles about the business class on the plane

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya complained on the Telegram channel about the business class on the plane.

Rudkovskaya explained that flight tickets cost more than 500 thousand rubles. She explained that the Turkish airline provided a plane with very uncomfortable seats to fly from Paris to Istanbul. Moreover, the plane was “fully loaded” with passengers. As proof, the producer included a video from the salon.

Rudkovskaya described the business class as “absolutely monstrous”, noting that even the flight attendants were “shocked” by the aircraft provided.

“My displeasure, as you can see, arose not so much from the fact that I am Yana Rudkovskaya, but from the fact that I am a wild, stubborn workaholic who works 100 days and lets her rest at 101. all the money honestly earned,” the producer was angry. She added that nearby passengers had filed a petition against the airline.

Previously Rudkovskaya criticized Kylie Jenner’s “lion-headed” debut.

Source: Gazeta


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