Benidorm Fest 2023 reveals details of what the first semi-final will be like

hours left for first semi final related to Benidorm Festival Details are starting to emerge as to where the top four semi-finalists will be selected and what the premiere will be this Tuesday. To start, In what order will they move? nine artists of 18 Those who aim to become the next representative of Spain in Eurovision. In addition, the organization announced who the invited artists will be: singers Edurne, Mónica Naranjo and Leo Rizzi.

Who will make it to the Benidorm Fest stage at Palau d’Esports l’Illa de Benidorm and who will close the semi-final period? One of the most anticipated data of the day. The order was announced by RTVE’s director of communications, María Eizaguirre, from the perspective of El Castell de Benidorm, together with the hosts of the semi-finals Inés Hernand and Rodrigo Vázquez, and the people responsible for the program “La Noche del Benidorm Fest”. Miki Núñez (singer and 2019 Eurovision representative) and Aitor Albizua.

The semi-finals will begin Sharonnefollowed by Aritz,, Sofia Martin, suffering, Megara, Alice Wonder, angels and it will close Fusa Nocta. The presenters of the event didn’t want to get wet about the performers and the order of singing, but Vázquez underlined one thing: “It doesn’t matter how you order the fruit salad, as it’s all good. Be good anyway.” Hernand added: “Opening Sharonne and closing it with Sayonara is ‘wow’.”

But that wasn’t the only “secret” revealed this Tuesday, with Benidorm’s “skyline” in the background. Edurne and Leo Rizzi, the singers who participated in Eurovision in 2015 They will be performing as guest artists at the Palau premiere.

Rizzi If only it had been active in Benidorm under intense sun. “His performance will be very emotional.” He stressed that he has a “good” group around the dancers. The singer could not escape the question: “Have you thought about performing at Benidorm Fest?” He replied to this”I haven’t thought about it yet, maybe later, who knows“.

He stated that it has been a “great springboard” for artists and that the music competition has become “something very complete with something very diverse and very professional”. And he made a special broadcast: “I used to do a composition process with Alice Wonder.. I will recommend it to him.” The audience applauded.

So what else is known about the first semi-final? I wanted to give a few more details to what’s available. Eizaguirre simply stated that he would “go”. there will be surprises. All the candidates have bet very strongly and it has come for everyone. As such, he argued that “every edition of Benidorm Fest will be unique and unrepeatable”. Will it be a more flamboyant show? Of course because “the scene is bigger, so the stagings are bigger and more detailed”.

Inés Hernand with Benidorm in the background. david revenge

After learning about this data, one of the most anticipated by “Eurofans”, the action held in Benidorm castle served to learn the first impressions of the presenters. Among them were those of Inés Hernand, who attended the event with a bathrobe and a towel over her head, as if she had just stepped out of the shower.. But it all made sense: “A tribute to Palomo Spain for dressing Rita Ora like this for the MTV EMA.”

His style clashed head-to-head with that of the others tasked with presenting Benidorm Fest: “You look like the Serrano cast,” Hernand told them over laughter. they had answers: “The towel in the hotel didn’t really wrap us.”

Beyond the “beef” and winks in between, the people who will be responsible for running the first semi-final of Benidorm Fest have revealed some of the keys to what they’ve seen at rehearsals. “What happened again is very powerful.” It is not necessary to “create expectations” for him, who is already in the first edition of the festival. but “you have to let go”. He stressed that “there are many different proposals” this year and that the artists are giving “all their time and effort” to present the best show. “From scratch, we will be a global trend topic.”

The other host, Rodrigo Vázquez, explained that “the nightly rehearsals worked very well” and underlined “the great work that has been done to present the best show possible”. There is “talent”. He also highlighted the “good vibes” that exist: “It’s like a week’s excursion at the end of the course.”

Núñez and Albizua will have another role: “Let the eyes of those who can’t come”. We will “talk to applicants before and after and we will be at various points” to learn about the atmosphere that exists with Benidorm Fest.

An international majority jury

María Eizaguirre spoke about this year’s jury and the criteria for teaching five international representatives and only three national representatives. Last year the presence of Spanish professionals was greater: “Spain’s representative in Eurovision gets votes from all countries. Spain cannot vote for its own candidacy.“. One criterion that Benidorm Fest focuses on when choosing its jury is: “You have to make it clear not only what we like, but also what is valued and taken into account on the outside”.

The RTVE official explained that the criteria to be followed are those “marked by the panel of experts”, which will include the staging, the song and all the elements that “will lead to Eurovision”.

Miki Núñez, the experience of participating in Eurovision

Representing Spain at Eurovision 2019, Miki Núñez knows firsthand what it’s like to face a musical event like Benidorm Fest and what it can mean for artists. That’s why “everything started all over again since I arrived,” he said. So she said, “I look into their eyes and I know what they’re feeling.”

The singer emphasized that “how well they are taken care of, how they take care of me” and that her role also includes “humanizing” the artists participating in the festival. “They have feelings, they’re human, and they see what’s being said about them, and it hurts sometimes.” “I feel very identified,” Núñez said.

Regarding Benidorm Fest, he explained that “I would love to have an event like this” and that “staging is amazing” and that you “must give it the importance it has”.

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