Press secretary of Philip Kirkorov denied the information that the artist’s father was hospitalized 18:00

Ekaterina Uspenskaya, Philip Kirkorov’s press secretary, denied media reports that her father, Bedros Kirkorov, was hospitalized in moderate condition. Uspenskaya told that Bedros Filippovich is at home.

“Good afternoon! Bedros is at home. [Информация в СМИ] I applied, but already at home, ”said the press secretary of Philip Kirkorov.

Former Telegram channel Mash knowledgeableThat Bedros Filippovich was “hospitalized in a moderate state”. According to them, the 90-year-old singer found heart failure, shortness of breath, and swelling. Doctors diagnosed coronary heart disease and exertional angina. It is known that at the end of last year Kirkorov Sr. had a pacemaker fitted. Doctors described the dynamics of the maestro’s condition as positive, but allegedly decided that Kirkorov Sr. would remain in the hospital until he fully recovered.

In December 2022, Bedros Kirkorov spoke about his health after he was hospitalized for severe pain in his leg.

Source: Gazeta


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