ADDA bids a big farewell to the year with La Fura dels Baus

Fura dels Baus and his show Idyllic for the planetAccompanied by ADDA Symphony Orchestra Joseph Vincent, are the prominent features of the programming designed for in this last month of the year Alicante State Assembly Auditoriumit also presents the loop star for christmas with big names like Miguel Poveda, Victor Manuel, Siblings Morente anyone Juan Perro’s Group Saying goodbye to 2022.

The Catalan company headed by Carlus Padrissa will once again carry out a major production at ADDA. on 20 and 21 DecemberThe auditorium’s artistic director, Josep Vicente, explains that this time it’s “a show we chose with care and respect for nature, and because its theme is absolutely current and reference”, adding that the work is relatively new – it premiered in France in 2020 – and “it’s a interactive function and audiences will be able decide from your mobile and some screens. What matters is the people’s decision. What end do you want for the show? and the person he envisions for the planet decided by popular vote”.

La Fura dels Baus thus presents its own version. Symphony number 6 of the beethovenalso known as Pastoral Symphony. Completed in 1808, it is one of Beethoven’s few programmatic musical works, and the composer added subtitles to it. Memories from village life. Now, Padrissa is reinventing the piece and mixing it with other compositions. Reicha, Weber, Rietz F. and Mendessohn.

This is La Fura’s third appearance since arriving in Alicante. Carmen In 2016, ADDA will host once again in 2019. creationwhere is the music Haydn Belgian soprano will take part in the new show, which creates awareness through a virtual world that will be projected 360° in reality. Sophie Karthauser and dancers Macarena Bravi, Luis Garcia, Adriana Palou and Quico Torrent.

ADDA Simfònica orchestra with Josep Vicente in a recent image WARREN GANSER

ADDA Symphonic

Before, this Friday, ADDA orchestra offers last concert This year’s season with the Valencia-New York pianist Josu de Solaun: Piano Concerto no. 3 of the bartok and music West Side Story your teacher leonard bernstein with audiovisual production. The orchestra, which has “duplicated” its activity this year after the pandemic and made its international debut in Berlin this year, Madrid National Auditorium He will give two concerts in January 2023.

Artists at ADDA

The week before Christmas, ADDA starts the cycle. star for christmas with the singer miguel povedaoffering December 13 last album, kindbuilt bridges between different cultures passing through 33 years of music career, with flamenco as the axis and love for the beauty and diversity of the planet.

Miguel Poveda performs in Alicante on the 13th in promotional image INFORMATION

It follows December 28 concert Victor Manuelas part of his trip 75th anniversary Life with songs (Scene heals everything)Aiming to summarize long years of music and a lifetime’s journey with its most representative songs.

this December 29 will be Estrella, Soleá and Kiki Morente CarbonellThe three sons of Enrique Morente, who will unite their voices in a concert called air street They will recreate the “warmness of home at Christmas” but also travel in other music and styles.

Kiki, Soleá and Estrella Morente RTVE

Finally, on the 30th, Juan Perro’s Group presents his new album FreedomMarch 2022 with Santiago Auserón on vocals and guitar with Vicenç Solsona (guitar), Gabriel Amargant (saxophone and clarinet), David Pastor (trumpet), Isaac Coll (bass) and Pere Foved (drums).

tickets on sale

Tickets for these shows are already on sale on the ADDA website and Instanticket. €25 (Zones B and C) €35 (Zone A) and 30% discount for people under 30 and over 65.

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