UA Headquarters in Alicante reflects the documentary “Urraca, cazador de rojos”

Presents the UA Film and Audiovisual Class documentary magpie, scarlet hunter next tuesday December 136:30 PM at Alicante City Venue (San Fernando, 40). Pedro Urraca was a Francoist policeman.Gestapo agent and collaborator of the Vichy regime, Head of the repression operation organized by the Francisco Franco dictatorship to abolish their main authority Second Republic In exile The event will feature the interventions of the director Pedro de Echave (the screenwriter and assistant director of the documentary, together cat sole), producer pablo azorin and the hero’s grandson, Loreto Urracaand will be presented by UA professor Juan Antonio Ríos Carratalá.

Urraca was responsibleamong other actions Arrest of Catalonian President Lluís CompanysIn French exile in 1940. Documentary magpie, scarlet hunter (2022) portrays the character “from the critical gaze of his son and grandson, They cut themselves off from their heritage”. Thus, through a fast-paced, meticulously documented historical narrative, the film also analyzes the complex process endured by their descendants.


Pedro Urraca Rendueles, Francoist policemanAgent of the Gestapo E-8001 and collaborator of the Vichy Regime. He led with a significant financial accumulation. Persecution of large numbers of Spanish exiles in France during the Nazi occupation.

His most sought-after targets were people who held the highest positions during the Second Republic. And in this area, two presidents who did not flee from France stood out: Manuel Azaña and Lluís Companies. He was about to arrest the first at Montauban, condemning the second to his fate, and handing him over to Spain. Other victims of his persecution were the former minister. Joan Peiro or socialist journalists Julian Zugazagoitia and Francisco Cruz Salido. In Urraca’s own words, “these unfortunates who dragged their defeat all over the world” were arrested, handed over to the Francoist authorities, immediately tried and executed.

blackmailing Jews fleeing Nazism, Urraca amassed a great fortune. Always protected by the Franco regime, he managed to escape the death penalty imposed on him by the courts of justice in France after World War II. Urraca, a refugee in Spain, continued his police duties after Franco’s death.

magpie. red hunter, portrait of a sinister and ambitious characterHe’s capable of doing the dirtiest jobs in the service of the most heinous dictatorships of the 20th century. It is also a chronicle of a cursed legacy from the critical point of view of his grandson, Loreto Urraca. dignity and humility blames a grandfather she rejects and walks away from him.

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