A musical about Alicante as the guiding thread for the Valencia Performing Arts Awards

Will be humor, commentary, choreography and lots of music. The V Valencia Performing Arts Awards premiere takes over the tables of the Alicante Main Theater next Monday to present some awards that will resonate amid a common line trying to weave. a musical about the city, from traditional songs reinterpreted in contemporary language. and also from scene that saves elements of past shows “trying to give life to things that no longer have”.

“We redefine the present using the past,” says Joanfra Rozalén, who is tasked with putting this puzzle together as follows: the director of this show within the showproduced by his company La Dependent from Alcoy, which they hope to make “one” performing arts festival“To whom will they be delivered? 19 awards in totalgiven by Ministry of Culture. “Galas are works in which you never know what’s going to happen,” says Rozalén.

Raquel Tamarit, Carmen Giménez-Morte and Juanfra Rozalén at the Honor Award ceremony.

According to this stage pro, focusing on the premiere while pursuing a musical is ” the city is available in the show, but we don’t tell the story of Alicante with music and pictures that people will recognize”.

Luis Ivars and John Xavier, two composers with a “long history”. most of them songs “so recognizable from the city of Alicante and the inner towns; They are our issues.”

three actors and singers

If the main theme of the gala is a musical, the presentation should fit this approach. They couldn’t be just actresses or just singers. so they will three interpreters who combine their acting aspects with the musical those who take the reins of the presentation. Victoria MinguezMarta Chiner Gloria Sirvent from Alicante, three actresses and singers from different generations will take the lead of this show. They will also have cooperation. Magician Hugo Aracil from Alcoy.

“We have a great team,” says Rozalen. Pepa Mirallesfrom La Dependent, responsible for managing the players; By Miquel Peidro of Alcoy, author The secret of the Old Bridge Y acacia 38and as a screenwriter his daughter Neus Peidro and Rafael Felipe as the creator of “some simple but very effective choreography”.

between video projections made by the visible manufacturer Visual ProductionsWinner of four Berlanga Awards this year for the series unearthed.

“The very important thing for us is that we want to put on a show that we have. big dose of humor We don’t put on a melancholic and longing show,” says Rozalén. “It’s fun, up-to-date, has a very strong aesthetic and evokes musical shows and people are happy and in the end it didn’t bore him”. In fact, “this valencia theater festival and we have a lot of people working to make a gala that has those features”.

“I am the founder of achievements, that is my aim, and also to put the performing arts in a beautiful and appropriate place within our means,” he affirms.

Source: Informacion


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