Luis Piedrahita: “Condemning humor is like banning ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for a murder”

“We want to be small when we are old, and we want to be old when we are young”summarizes Piedrahita in an interview with this newspaper. Some say, While visiting her mother and grandmother, she noticed: “She said to my mother, ‘Cristinita, how young I see you’ and me, ‘Luisito, but how old are you.’ They both took it as a compliment”. “The ‘show’—says the comedian—goes through those everyday discontents, from the most trivial to the deepest. But in the end, it’s discovered that with the push of a button on the show, the discontent disappears.”

And according to Piedrahita, Humor is “one of the few things that makes life bearable”. “It’s like a car’s damping system. If you don’t have it, all the stones on the road will bother you,” he sums up. In any case, the monologue ensures that all the shows he has prepared throughout his career are “the best”He became known after winning the first competition of . ‘Comedy club’in 2000.

A “really Spanish” humor

But his style is the same as always. faithful to this absurd humor that is so characteristic of our culture. ” humor the surreal, the most poetic, the real Spanish. That was Gila and Gómez de la Serna. That was even ‘Don Quixote'”Emphasizes Piedrahita. In this sense, compared to the most vindictive humor “imported from abroad”, this style allows an act of destruction and “implicit” rebellion. ” magazine For example, “La codorniz” indirectly turned its back on dictatorship. There is no need to appoint any ministers or tyrants, because everyone knows who he is.”sign.

Even if, freedom of humor has suffered a setback in recent years A phrase that Luis Piedrahita does not remain indifferent: “40 years ago you couldn’t talk about anything, there were times when you could talk about everything, and now you can talk about everything, but you can’t.” about anyone”. In this context, the comedian believes it is “absurd” to have “fact-questioners” who intend to “fine fiction”. “There is a complexity in society that is good. What is not is that we intend to condemn humor. It’s like banning ‘Romeo and Juliet’ because it’s a murder.”, Piedrahita phrase. However, the artist concludes that his humor was “so extreme” that he failed to “offend anyone”. “And he’s trying it,” he adds in between laughter.

Other projects

On the other hand, Piedrahita excels in other artistic aspects such as illusionism. “Humor and magic have very similar, almost parallel structures”, he discusses. So, while he claims to be the opposite of “the most interesting journey,” he says his intent is that his magic is “fun”. “There’s no cheating in this latest show, but it’s more emotionally complete if you make fun of magic recipes”He claims and continues: “Someone said humor is an intellectual surprise, and I agree. I collide a series of ideas and they converge when you least expect it. Y This unexpected, ridiculous or shocking surprise will make you laugh”.

Now, as I return by saying, ‘My word against my word’, Piedrahita is immersed in new projects such as the online card magic course for beginners that he will announce “in two or three weeks”.

Source: Informacion


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