Poles will have to get used to higher food prices

Poles have been warned that there will be further increases in the prices of basic foodstuffs. The portal writes about this with reference to local experts.

According to experts, the prices of products will not decrease, as the causes of rising prices have not disappeared.

“Air is playing against the domestic vegetable oil producer. In animal products, there was an increase in feed, energy, fuel, labor and credit costs. This is a trend that has been observed for at least a year and has been accelerating recently. For consumers, this is bad news. Former director general of the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization, Dr. It will not be cheaper and for a long time, because the reasons for the price increase do not go away, ”said Andrzej Maria Falinsky.

He added that the disruption in supply chains and the energy crisis have increased prices.

Previously reportedSunflower oil and margarine prices increased in Poland.

Source: Gazeta


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