Millions of pounds of food rotten in England

Tens of millions of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables continue to rot in the UK as farmers fail to harvest, writes Bloomberg citing a survey by the country’s National Farmers Union (NFU).

The organization found that £60m ($72.6m) worth of vegetables and fruits were rotting in the first half of this year.

The union’s vice-president, Tom Bradshaw, described the situation as incomprehensible – while quality food is being thrown away, “families across the country are already barely making ends meet due to the sharp rise in the cost of living.”

Many farmland owners lost their crops due to labor shortages. This was facilitated, among other things, by the UK’s exit from the European Union – it became more difficult to recruit workers from Europe.

Abnormal heat strongly affected the situation. A similar situation is observed with rotting food in Finland. it could be to stay Two million tons of strawberries were not harvested. Farm entrepreneurs in Paimio are looking for workers to harvest their crops, but they complain that their efforts have so far been unsuccessful. Alternatively, Thai migrant workers are being considered, but it is currently unknown whether they will be able to save the fruit.

Source: Gazeta


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