Scholz said the starting signal for the gas crisis was given last year.

The fact that the Federal Republic of Germany had to start implementing measures designed to respond to the onset of the energy crisis was already being realized in 2021. This statement was made by the head of the state government, Olaf Scholz.

“It became more apparent last year that there was a problem due to the non-filling of gas storage facilities owned by the Russian company. Instead of delivering gas via existing gas pipelines, for example Yamal – Europe via Belarus and Poland, we have seen that gas is drawn from gas storage facilities.

I also perceived this as a very serious signal, so when I became Chancellor in December, I asked the relevant departments what we would do when there was not enough gas. That was a starting signal as we started accelerating investments in this infrastructure (liquefied gas) even before the war,” says Scholz. Public News Service.

He also noted that the country is counting on the expansion of cooperation with Norway. Scholz calls the state to be able to prevent these needs in the field of energy.

Source: Gazeta


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