The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation returned 1,763 southern sanatoriums worth billions of rubles to the Russian budget

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia through the court returned a number of sanatoriums in the south of the country to the state budget, and their total value is several billion rubles, reports DEA News”.

According to a law enforcement source, the Gagarinsky District Court satisfied the Attorney General’s claims. Thus, 34 sanatorium-resort institutions, including 1763 real estate objects, were withdrawn from the property of unions and unscrupulous buyers in favor of the state.

As noted, through a specially created legal entity – Resort Management (Holding) LLC – management illegally sold property. Thus, 24 institutions and 131 objects were sold for 3.3 billion rubles.

Members of the union leadership and their relatives became the owners of a number of sanatoriums.

Organization leaders were also receiving the income of sanatoriums as rent. In this way, 4.3 billion rubles were withdrawn from institutions.

At the court session, only two of the 96 defendants were able to present documents confirming their arguments about the reconstruction and restoration of the facilities, and information on the legality of their funding sources. For these two, the ministry asked prosecutors to grant the court the right to allocate compensation, reimbursement or improvements in kind.

Formerly REN TV channel knowledgeableIn Khakassia, child beneficiaries are left in the sanatorium without a voucher.

Source: Gazeta


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