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Defense ministry chief: UK prices won’t stop rising, no matter who the prime minister is


British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has said that no matter who replaces the country’s Prime Minister, the government will not be able to immediately address the rising cost of living problem. Wrote The Guardian newspaper.

“There is no one offering a solution to these significant increases (prices), neither the Labor Party (opposition), nor Rishi Sunak (former UK Treasury Head), no one else. And the idea that the government will issue a magic wand to whoever is the prime minister, including the Labor Party (president), is charlatan so to speak,” said Wallace.

At the same time, the head of the Department of Defense supported the idea of ​​a tax policy proposed by Secretary of State Liz Truss if elected prime minister. Wallace added that tax breaks are a way to help financially distressed residents.

In the UK at the end of July, Conservative Party MPs voted to choose the leader of the party who would also become the country’s prime minister. The two candidates with the most votes were Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.

at the end of July reportedHe said annual inflation in the UK accelerated in June to 9.4%, a record since 1982.

Source: Gazeta



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