Bloomberg: Ruble strength has become a ‘headache’ for losing Western banks

Bloomberg claims that the strengthening of the ruble against the euro has become a “headache” for Western banks. This has been reported DEA News”.

The publication notes that foreign companies leaving the Russian Federation suffered huge losses.

According to Johann Strobl, managing director of the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank, the profits of his bank are growing against the background of the strengthening ruble, but for those who decided to liquidate their business in the Russian Federation, the strong ruble became a “headache”. “.

The agency emphasizes that after the start of the special military operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, companies that left Russia suffered serious losses. For example, French credit bank Societe Generale SA confirmed its pre-tax loss of €3.3 billion due to the withdrawal in the second quarter.

Formerly US currency augmented At the end of the week trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange amounted to 60.58 rubles against the Russian one.

As of August 5 at 18:59 (Moscow time), one euro was trading at 61.54 rubles. Since the beginning of the trading day, the dollar has grown by 23 kopecks, the European currency by 4 kopecks.

Source: Gazeta


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