Fox News: US may face beef shortages and rising meat prices

The United States may face beef shortages in the future, and American farmers may face rising prices due to reduced cattle numbers. Reported by this TV channel Fox News.

The publication states that farmers cite increased cost of keeping livestock, including drought, lack of hay and fodder for livestock, as the reason for the decline in livestock. According to a market participant, food for cows increased by 50% compared to last year.

Colin Woodall, president of the US National Cattlemen’s Association, said that if previous herds could be moved to areas with less drought and where pasture and hay are available, the problem has now become a common phenomenon for the country.

He added that the association expects meat prices to continue to rise, but that people need to understand that it is not the farmers who set the price.

Earlier, according to the report of the National Rating Agency (NRA), it was known that chicken meat is available in Russia from July to December 2022. price may increase within 5%.

Source: Gazeta


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