The Chancellor of Saxony said that Germany will not be able to refuse natural gas from the Russian Federation in the next 5 years.

Michael Kretschmer, Prime Minister of the Federal State of Saxony, told the newspaper, timeGermany will not be able to refuse Russian gas in the next five years.

According to the politician, the German government must accept this “bitter truth”.

“If we realize that for the moment we cannot do without Russian gas, this is a bitter truth and we must accept it. “We will still need Russian gas in the coming years, we should use existing nuclear power plants and phase out coal,” Kretschmer said.

The Prime Minister of Saxony added that the Germans are not yet aware of the consequences of the increase in gas prices. According to him, people in the country began to talk about turning on the heating points so that people do not have to “freeze in their apartments.”

Ilze Indriksone, former head of the Latvian Ministry of Economy declarationHe said gas will be supplied to the country for the heating season. According to him, Riga initially did not trust energy sources from the Russian Federation.

Source: Gazeta


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