Hungarian PM Orban: Budapest continues to oppose EU embargo on Russian gas

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the country continues to oppose the EU embargo on Russian gas. He noted that Budapest is not alone in this regard. The politician announced this at a joint press conference in Vienna with the Austrian chancellor. DEA News”.

“We are faced with a wall called the gas embargo. I recommend the European Union not to steal it, I am not alone in this matter,” he said.

He noted that Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer supported the prime minister and that it was impossible to impose a gas embargo from Russia, because in this way the EU would harm him.

1 July Orban spokeHe said Hungary would not discuss proposals that could lead to gas loss from Russia.

14 July Hungarian Minister of Foreign and Foreign Economic Relations Péter Szijjártó declarationHe said the country was not even ready to discuss an embargo on Russian gas and would not support sanctions against Gazprom or Gazprombank.

Previously reportedHe said Slovakia’s new government could follow the example of Hungary, which opposes the embargo on Russian gas.

Source: Gazeta


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