Due to the gas shortage in Germany, there may be problems in the production of toilet paper.

Gas shortages in Germany could lead to problems in the production of paper products, including the production of toilet paper and pharmaceutical packaging. Jürgen Schaller, Chairman of the Board of the Bavarian Paper Manufacturers Association, told the newspaper about this. Death time.

“Medicines are packaged in a cardboard box with a paper instruction inside. It is used in many hygiene products such as cardboard, toilet paper. <...> With the current volatility, many goods could become scarce,” Schaller said.

According to him, the production of paper products requires a lot of energy, because “the paper needs to be thoroughly dried.” Reducing gas imports from Russia may result in a reduction in production as it depends on the use of such fuels.

The Chairman of the Board of the Bavarian Paper Manufacturers Association added that paper production requires water, electricity, heat and personnel. This is technology that has been honed over the years and cannot be changed quickly.

the previous day reportedHe said that Mirror, Express and dozens of smaller publishers, Reach, had to reduce the number of pages in some of their newspapers due to record price increases in newsprint.

Source: Gazeta


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