Sberbank CEO Gref spoke about the bank’s cyber security system 13:29

New technologies used to develop Sber’s cybersecurity system have made it one of the best in the world. There has not been a single malfunction in the system over the past two years. Sber board chairman German Gref talked about this in a documentary about the bank’s work. The project was presented at the company’s annual general meeting of shareholders.

According to the bank’s president, the company has become the most attacked company in the world in the last two years.

“Good training. We often manage to prevent theft of customer funds not only at Sberbank, but also at other banks. Behind everything is the best team in the market. A team that knows how to implement global projects. The same team develops our core productive broad linguistic model GigaChat He launched it in 2023,” said German Gref.

He noted that the attacks were large-scale, technologically verified and linked to major events in Russia.

The film also touches on the subject of artificial intelligence and the development of Sber’s large language model GigaChat. It is used in many areas.

Gref emphasized that if a large company does not invest in artificial intelligence today, it will not be in the market tomorrow.

People developing artificial intelligence and implementing artificial intelligence produced by people are the two most important ways, says the head of Sberbank.

“We have identified productive AI technologies as our top technology priority. Today, based on these, we improve our processes, speed up code writing, improve customer experience and understand that the future lies behind these technologies,” said Gref.

Previously reportedHe said that at the annual general meeting of Sber shareholders, it was decided to pay dividends for last year in the amount of 752 billion rubles, or 33 rubles per share.

This year, a documentary film about the bank’s projects and the Russians participating in these projects was presented at the meeting.

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Source: Gazeta


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