Sberbank does not see an increase in foreign exchange demand after the US sanctions on the Moscow Stock Exchange 11:06

After the United States imposed restrictions on the Moscow Exchange and the National Clearing House (NCC, which is part of the Moscow Exchange and National Clearing Deposit (NSD) group and acts as an intermediary in the currency), demand for foreign exchange is at the level of standard daily averages. About transactions on the stock exchange This was reported to by the press service of Sberbank.

“Demand for foreign currency in Sberbank branches is at the level of standard daily averages, that is, low,” the bank said, adding, “We do not observe an increase in interest in foreign currency among our customers.”

About US sanctions against the Moscow Stock Exchange and NCC was announced June 12. The American Treasury explained this decision by saying that Russian authorities’ capital withdrawal measures regarding the site expanded the opportunities for citizens of Russia and other countries to “profit from the Kremlin’s military machine by investing in the Kremlin’s government debt.” Russian Federation, Russian companies and leading Russian defense enterprises.”

Site as of June 13 stopped Due to US sanctions, it is traded in US dollars and euros. At the same time, the Moscow Exchange assured that “they have all the necessary tools” to ensure uninterrupted trading in conditions of increased volatility, including separate auctions and mechanisms for quickly changing risk parameters.

Previously Medvedev in the name It causes maximum damage to the economies of the countries that impose sanctions.

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Source: Gazeta


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