It was learned how much the supply of Russian goods to Europe decreased in two years 10:03

Russia’s share in the EU import structure decreased 5.9 times in the last two years, from 9.4% to 1.6%. writes about this “Kommersant” According to Eurostat data.

The European Union continues to purchase nickel, fertilizer, iron and steel, oil and natural gas from Russia, but in lower amounts than in 2021. Thus, in January – March 2024, the EU imported only 12% of Russian oil compared to three years ago. “Lost” volumes are being replaced by other countries, including the United States and Turkey.

During the period, the supply of goods from Europe to the Russian market decreased by approximately 2.3 times. At the end of the first quarter of this year, the Russian Federation’s share in European exports reached 1.4%, compared to 3.2% at the end of March 2022. A significant part of the supply in this direction consists of medicines.

Before reportedEurope bought a record amount of frozen cod and haddock from Russia in March for 2023.

Previously, the share of the ruble in Russia’s exports to EU countries grew up reached a historical peak.

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Source: Gazeta


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