Economist evaluated the new personal income tax scale 11:21

The new personal income tax (NDFL) scale proposed by the Ministry of Finance is a soft option for increasing tax rates, and the social orientation of such a scenario is obvious. Viktor Machekhin, head of the Tax Policy Research Laboratory of the Presidential Academy, told New tax changes called fair.

“The proposed scale for personal income tax suggests that it is associated with the introduction of new tax deductions and a special tax refund procedure for low-income persons. In general, there is a desire to increase the level of taxpayers’ confidence in the internal tax system. Although not directly stated, one can meaningfully realize the concept of taxing households, which in many cases is fairer than taxing individual citizens,” said the economist.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has proposed introducing a graduated scale for personal income tax in Russia. Individuals whose annual income varies between 2.4 million and 5 million rubles will pay personal income tax at a rate of 15 percent. Russians who receive 5 million to 20 million rubles will give 18 percent, and those who receive 20 million to 50 million rubles will give 20 percent. Citizens with income over 50 million rubles will pay 22 percent tax. The new tax scale will affect only 2 million people. For families with two or more children, the tax rate will actually be 6% instead of the previously applicable 13% – 7% of the tax will be returned to them as a tax deduction (like a cash refund).

On May 28, 2024, the Ministry of Finance submitted to the Russian government a draft law containing the 2024 budget law and changes to the 2025 and 2026 planning periods. In addition, changes are being made in the Tax and Budget Laws. These are planned to be adopted for the spring session.

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